Breyer Horse Collectibles & Toys for Horse Lovers

Developed at a young age, the bond between a child and horse can lead to lifelong interest. Varying pursuits of involvement with horses often begin with toys and books sparking an interest. The bond between horse and rider is unbreakable and the relationship is pure. Horses bring comfort, confidence and adventure.

Breyer is THE name in horse collectibles and toys. For generations, horse lovers young and old have been collecting Breyer horses. Breyer makes hand painted hjorses and tack at a scale of 1:12– they also make smaller series called ‘StableMates’. The true collectibles are the 1:12 scale horses. These horses will last a lifetime and when your equestrian doesn’t see them as toys anymore, (s)he will see them as model collectibles.


Each breed of horse has it’s own look, personality and activity in which they excel. Some breyer horse collectors collect only certain breeds, but most collect all that they can get their hands on. Breyer Classics are a terriffic way to get to know breeds and have fun doing it.

Breyer Classic Buckskin Paint

Though Buckskins are usually of Spanish descent, they are certainly figures of the historical American west. This breed can be used for work, pleasure or show, and is usually a variant of tan, from tan to bronze– resembling dried deer skin, with dark ears and dorsal. The paint genetics shine though in the white markings on the flanks and are typical of western horses.

Breyer Classics Chestnut Haflinger

Chestnut horses are defined by having a mane and tail the same or lighter hue as the rest of the horse. Coat color can range from very light to very dark, so long as the mane an tail are the same or lighter. Haflinger horses were developed in Austria and italy in the 1800’s for their longevity and temper.

Breyer Classics Chestnut Appaloosa

Appaloosas are known for their uniquely beautiful spotted coats. Coupled strength and agility with elegance, these horse were used for years by Native Americans and soon became features of the American West. The chestnut genetics can be seen in that the mane and tail are lighter in color than the rest of the horse.

Breyer Classics Grey Selle Francais

Known for a smooth demeanor and endurance the Sell Francais originated in France. A relatively new breed, it traces it’s genetic ancestry to Arabian and Thoroughbreds. Selle Francais’ are commonly used as showhorses in jumping events.

Breyer Classics Blood Bay Warmblood & Foal Set

Bay horses can be identified by the red tint that permeates the horses coat. This could be as light as a copper or as dark as a blood red. The darker blood bay is the most common variant. This momma and foal make an adorable pair.

Breyer Classics Grey Thoroughbred & Foal Set

Thoroughbreds are typically used for racing and are bred for their speed and agility. They can be any color and are known for their personality. The development of the breed began in the 1600’s in England, when the founding stallions arrived from the middle east.

Breyer Classics Blanket Appaloosa & Foal Set

The Blanket Appaloosa is identified by her dark color, with lighter coloring across the back flanks, her foal is an appaloosa with a leopard complex.

Breyer Classics Foals: Pinto & Chestnut

The Pinto breed, unlike others, is definted strictly by color and not by genetics. The varying patterns were appreciated by Native Americans because that they blended in well with war paint and each pattern was a unique identifier to that particular horse.


Breyer Classics Country Stable with Wash Stall

Breyer Wood Stable

Breyer Wood Corral

Breyer Deluxe Wood Barn with Cupola

Stable Accessories:

Stable Cleaning Kit

Broom, Shovel, Pitchfork, Muck Bucket

Stable Feed Kit

Water Trough, Hay, Feed Net & Bag, Feed, Scoop

Stable Grooming Kit

Grooming Box, Sweat Scraper, Hoof Pic & Comb

Traditional Wood Saddle Stand

Riding Accessories:

Western Riding Set

Jumping Set with Saddle

Show Jumping Set with Saddle and Horse

Comanche with Tack Set

Great Starts For The New Collector:

Breyer Classics Sport Horse Family with Stallion, Mare & Foal

Little Prince: The Story of a Shetland Pony

Get to know this little prince by reading his story. Geared towards 4-8 year olds, this read is a terrific way to spark the interest of a future young equestrian.

Breyer Classics War Horse Joey – A real life war hero.

Marguerite Henry’s Misty of Chincoteague
with Misty & Stormy

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