Bringing Out The Worst In Me

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I have virtually run, when I encounter a pretentious prig. This is because if I don’t, s/he will say something and then I will feel I have to say something, and then I will feel crummy.

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I was raised never to brag, never boast, never to be too elaborate in my commendations.

I was pretty good when I was living with my parents and surrounded by people who mostly kept to the creed, but then, as one grows up and moves away and meets people who can’t do anything but the ‘I, I, I’ chorus, the provocation is too much.

Soon I found myself ‘countering’ the Boasters, the Braggers, making them know who I saw, who I know, where I went, blah blah.

When I’d get home I’d feel sort of dirty. I shouldn’t have done that. Why did I allow that Boaster, that Bragger to bring me to their level?

If I go anywhere and see someone doing the ‘I,I,I’ thing, I get away, even if I have to hide in the bathroom.

Some of you probably have been raised to be alert to the ‘Evil Eye’. That if you brag, you will attract an Evil Eye and be punished. Of course, many times we don’t catch ourselves in time.

Our big brag is half out of our mouths before we pull back. Sometimes we give the whole story, ringing up the names of World Famous Celebrities or events and then, who is the Braggart? Who is the Boaster?

One should never trade places with those who have negative traits. If this one is a liar, don’t be a bigger liar. If that one is a thief, don’t be a bigger thief. Try to hold the moral High Ground.

Don’t feel that everyone needs to know Who you Are. Why? It is better than no one knows anything about you and judges you on yourself.

I recall having a friend who was just a friend. I knew him for years. It was after about four years we were at a function when he introduced me to his father, who happened to be one of, if not, The richest man in the country.

The next time we met, I admitted that I hadn’t known who he was, and he smiled. He said, “I know, you liked me for myself, not who I was related to.”

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Bringing Out The Worst In Me, Seekyt
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