Bubble Guppies Toys and More

There is a great show on Nick Jr that all of the children are talking about. It is called Bubble Guppies. This show is focused at children at the preschool level to help them to unlock their imagination and desire about learning.

Who are the Bubble Guppies

There are three Bubble Guppies that go to preschool each day. They are close friends but can be very different in the way that they see things. However in the end, they learn how to work with each other and learn about the world around them.

Each episode of the show is based around what one of the Bubble Guppies saw on the way to school that day. The show then goes through a school day where they learn about this topic.

Three Characters

There are three basic characters in the Bubble Guppies. The first one is Gil. He is one of the leaders of the group and is very silly. You will also meet Molly. She is the very smart other leader of the group of explorers. Bubble Puppy is Gil’s pet and can be found tagging along on the adventures.

Other Characters

Here are some of the other characters that you will see on the Bubble Guppies.

Mr. Grouper
Little Fish
Crabs, Lobsters, and Snails
Mr. Grumpfish

Bubble Guppies Toys

The main toy that you need to get for any child that loves this show is the plush characters. You can get amazingly detailed dolls of Gil, Molly, and Bubble puppy. These will become your child’s favorite companion as they explore the world around them.

There are also many great books about the Bubble Guppies out there. These little stories are great for bed time reading or even to help to get your little one to learn how to read on their own. There are many different tales that you can find. So make sure that you pick up a bunch of the books.

The Bubble Guppies are a great group of characters that promote learning about the world and finding out how things work. This creative streak is something that every child should have and build upon so make sure that you get them some of the Bubble Guppies toys to help with this now.

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