Bubblews Vs MyBizziBlog – A Comparison

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Bubblews,the ‘social network’ site that aims to give freedom for others to express themselves and have a voice on the Internet. Although,recently have been proven to be quite contradictory to their mission. But,I’m not here to bash Bubblews because it can be a great site for those who are willing to wait 30-60 days for their payment,able to wait until their ‘daily limit’ has been refreshed, willing to extend their thoughts to more than 400 characters,and able to patiently wait for a $50 minimum threshold while risking getting their accounts banned for no apparent reason or getting their payment redemption lost in Bubblews’ payment queue. Then by all means,go for it. If you’re like the many who want to migrate from Bubblews’ platform,then read on as I compare a new and fast-growing site with extreme potential with Bubblews. Enjoy.

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MyBizziBlog is a social blogging platform that allows you to publish videos,photos,audios,and text to your very own blog (or blogs,if you create multiple) and allows you to make money (if you want to,that is. But let’s face it,who doesn’t?). MyBizziBlog is a very powerful platform when utilized correctly. It has alot of creative,but yet,powerful features that extend into the realm of modern blogging solutions,plus more. One can collaborate on multiple blogs ,and publish with others, and can also invite others and manage their own blogs. Blog owners can even setup revenue-sharing for their blogs so that their contributors,and themselves, can enjoy additional revenue to their content. Blog owners can even raise ‘Blog Funding’ from the Marketplace by selling virtual shares called ‘Studio Shares’ and receive real money for their blogs,which can be used to pay their contributors. Members of MyBizziBlog will also automatically earn from MyBizziBlog’s Ad Program from unique views (and soon,from clicks) to the Ads on their content from MyBizziBlog’s Ad Network. Members can also earn from a multitude of other revenue sources,such as Adsense,Chitika,Infolinks,Amazon Affiliates,and just about any other monetization programs for websites/blogs that are on the Internet! Members can even share Adsense/Chitika ad views to their contributors by allowing them to display their ads a percentage of the time,as specified by the Blog Owner. Members can even change the look and feel of their blogs with Blog Themes,or they can design their own Blog Theme if they have knowledge in CSS and HTML. And the list of features goes on and on and on… Now,let’s get into the actual comparisons.

1.)Minimum Payouts

MyBizziBlog – $0.01
Bubblews – $50
Winner – MyBizziBlog

2.) Redemption Wait Time

MyBizziBlog – none,it’s instant on cashout request.
Bubblews – 30-60 days
Winner – MyBizziBlog

3.) Minimum Characters For Post

MyBizziBlog – none.
Bubblews – 400
Winner – MyBizziBlog

4.) Daily Maximum Posts Per Day

MyBizziBlog – none.
Bubblews – 10
Winner – MyBizziBlog

5.) Site usability/Layout

MyBizziBlog – simple,and pretty easy to use and navigate once you get use to it.
Bubblews – simple,and pretty easy to navigate and use.
Winner – Bubblews (debatable)


As you can see,MyBizziBlog has the upper-edge in alot of different ,important, areas. But, please, don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself and come back to this post and tell me if I was wrong or not. Go to MyBizziBlog.com. Also, check out my other posts about MyBizziBlog on my profile.

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Bubblews Vs MyBizziBlog – A Comparison, Seekyt
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