Bucketless Dehumidifier Reviews – Best in Class for 2014

#1 Royal Sovereign 45 Pint Bucketless Dehumidifier BDH-450

The BDH-450 has a modern bucket-free design that increases convenience since you will not have to deal with lifting buckets of water in order to empty them out. In conventional dehumidifiers you may have to empty out 2-3 buckets of water every day which some might find tough. The BDH-450 has a pump which is powerful enough to draw water up to 10 feet which makes it easy to drain water without the need of a bucket. In other dehumidifiers which have a bucket system you have to remember to empty them out since it can reduce the efficiency of the dehumidifier, up to 65%. Without the need of buckets to empty water due to the new system used by Royal Sovereign, you will get superior performance and maximum dehumidification according to your needs.

The machine also has a digital display which will show fan speeds and humidity levels. The display is bright and easy to use. Its pump system is very efficient and can remove water from the room easily. The filter is washable and is useful to prevent bacteria formation since it collects all dust particles. When you want to transport the unit its caster wheels and compact dimensions will make it easy for you. The auto defrost feature does not allow ice from forming on the condensation coils thereby making the dehumidification process very efficient.

#2 Royal Sovereign BDH550

The BDH550 can remove a total volume of 55 pints of moisture each day. The unit does not require buckets to empty the water and saves you a lot of trouble, spills and effort. It can easily pump out water from a height of 10 feet vertically without the need of buckets. You can see the timer, fan speeds and humidity with the easy-to-read display placed at a convenient place on the machine. The timer also makes it easy for you to set the unit for use when needed. You will have a choice of 3 fan speeds so that you can set it at a speed that suits you.

You will not need to worry about frost on the condenser coils since the auto defrost will melt it automatically. All the dust in the area will be caught by the washable mesh filter that is fitted in the system . In case there is a power outage the system automatically restarts itself without manual intervention. Another useful feature is the easy-glide casters that it comes with for portability.

#3 DeLonghi DD50P Dehumidifier with Patented Pump

The DD50P has a powerful pump which helps in removing water without the need of a bucket. The controls make it easy to adjust the humidity level to suit you as well as regulate the temperature. You can use a timer to set up the unit so that it is operational in your absence.

The water level is visible through the transparent window. Transporting the unit is not a problem due to its caster wheels and handles with which you can move it around.