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Budding Writers- NYC has some Amazing Creative Writing Classes

Types of Creative Writing Classes in NYC

Creative writing classes are organized as three-day or four day activities. With skilled guides on hand, the program would start with an introduction to the aims and benefits of the creative writing class. The first day would involve relaxation techniques to allow participants to unwind and focus better on the day at hand. Mental exercises follow, such as guided visualization to call forth participants’ imagination to work on the myth of their journey. Automatic drawing helps unlock hidden imagery held in the mind. Show and Tell involves participants explaining the impact of a childhood souvenir in their minds which would help unlock dormant story telling skills. Instructors would close the day by sharing the journeys of famous artists and writers and explain ways of using these experiences to spark creativity. The second day lets participants unwind with free writing exercises followed by writing in cafes. These techniques help participants relax and overcome writer’s block that holds them back. Instructors would speak on ideas such as time management in creative tasks and the role of luck and coincidence in successfully completing such projects.

The third day would let participants partake in miniature theatre to explain storytelling with found objects. Group writing would continue to allow them to stimulate their creative processes. Talks are given on how writers can use play to enhance creativity and the importance of setting a working creative process to get polished output. Finally, participants create an illuminated manuscript on the last day and learn how they can keep the benefits of creativity coming in long after the classes are over. They can also learn how to create a restful and conducive atmosphere for creative activity at home and work.

Why NYC is Great for Creative People

New York City has been a magnet for cultural activity and creative writing for a long period of time. With large TV studios and many universities and college in the city, there is always a like-minded crowd buzzing around the city in search of inspiration. Participants can definitely grasp the energy held within the city for their own writing and unlock their writing skills in NYC. Museums like the Met and creative hotspots like Williamsburg in Brooklyn, too allow visitors a chance to enjoy the creative energy of the city.

Recharge your Batteries in The Big Apple

NYC offers something to everyone whether they visit or live in the city. These are happening art galleries, major museums and public works of art open for visitors all through the year. Performances in Broadway allow a visual spectacle for participants. Sports fans can visit the stadia of famous teams like the Yankees and the Giants. A restful cruise on the Hudson River and a trip to the Statue of Liberty are some of the most breathtaking activities tourists can do in NYC.

Comfortable Stay Options

New York offers a wide range of stay options for visitors. They can find hotels in every price range in the city when they visit for creative writing classes. Room- sharing services like Airbnb allow visitors to stay in comfortable residences for a homely experience.

The Creativity Workshop offers creative writing classes in NYC and for writers, students, and people from all walks of life.

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