Budget Friendly Black and White Vinyl Flooring

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If the budget is tight, but you still need a new floor, black and white vinyl flooring is just what the design doctor order. It’s got lots of style at a low, low price. While you can find all grades of this classic flooring, in many big box home improvement stores you can find it for less than one dollar a square foot.

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Budget Friendly Black and White Vinyl Flooring, Seekyt
Where Can You Use Black and White Vinyl Flooring?

Anyplace. Really. Most people think vinyl is only for kitchens, bathroom and mudroom, but that’s thinking small. Back and white is such a classic look that it works in any room. Painted floors in this checkerboard style are found in all styles of homes, from Colonial to Contemporary.

Vinyl holds up in high traffic areas, such as family rooms. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other rooms. Living rooms, dining room and bedrooms can all benefit from this classy style.

Your floor will take on a different look depending on the vinyl style. A high gloss finish might look better in a kitchen or bathroom, while you’ll want to use a matte finish vinyl in other room to tone down that “kitchen” look. You’ll find great vinyl tile at Amazon, just like the best-seller above.

Vinyl Self-stick Tiles are a DIY Dream

Self-stick vinyl tiles are incredibly easy to install, especially over an undamaged floor. You can use them over wood, concrete or even over linoleum (or vinyl tile). Just make sure there’s no loose pieces, otherwise you you’ll need to remove the old flooring.

The hardest part of laying your new black and white vinyl flooring is determining the center point and marking your first caulk lines to follow. It’s important the first piece you lay are straight, then after that, everything will fall into place.

When you get toward the wall edges or around doors, you’ll find vinyl easy to trim with a utility knife and easy to fit around corners. Keep the paper backing on the sticky side while trimming and don’t remove until you’re ready to permanently lay the vinyl tile into place.

Now, that doesn’t look so hard, does it?

Getting a Bold New Look with Black and White Vinyl Tile

A black and white checkerboard pattern is classic, but that not all you can do with this vinyl tile. Consider a new layout to make a customized floor. Make boarders and zig-zag patterns of use with color as the backdrop with random place tiles of the second tile. Play with pattern items on paper first and then lay the tiles out on the floor (paper backing attached, of course)

After all, it’s your home. Create a customize design that set you apart from the rest, in any room you want, but doesn’t break the budget. That the versatility of black and white vinyl flooring.

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Budget Friendly Black and White Vinyl Flooring, Seekyt
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