Build Free Bookmarking Backlinks with Socialadr

I just found this really cool website, that has a lot to offer when it comes to building backlinks with your bookmarks. I’m not sure exactly where I found it, but I want to say it was while reading one of the members links from this Seekyt website, but I’m not sure right now.

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Anyway you really should check out this website. It is called Socialadr and it really seems like it is a helpful website when you are looking for money making ideas, so you can generate an income.

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It is a social bookmarking community that is easy to use, since the submission process if fully automated. This means that you can submit your bookmarks so much faster than trying to manually submit each bookmark on each bookmarking submission website. They even claim to being faster than any type of submission software product available today.

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The basic user account is free to use when you want to build free bookmarking backlinks that can help you broadcast the different things you find interesting and then add to your favorite bookmarks.

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The neatest thing about it is that you share others bookmarks and they also share your bookmarks and not just with that one service but with 18 social bookmarking services. Some of them you may not already be using. However, you might want to consider doing so, to help spread the word and share all the great bookmarks.

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Another perk is that you get lots of backlinks for the bookmarks you submit, which in turn means even more traffic and more viewers. They also have an affiliate program that you might find interesting.

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I think it looks nice and very streamlined, with a clean looking user panel. Check out Socialadr and see what you think!