Build Strength Power and Size with one Exercise

I go to the gym day after day watching 95% of the people in it that are lifting weights doing the same exercises and using the same weight for months and even years on end with no sign of progress.

How disappointing it must be for these people.

If you want to have success building a big strong powerful and muscular body you need to do this exercise and you need to cut out all of the isolation movements you are performing in your workout routine.

You need to get acquainted with Dead lifts.

Dead lifts are one of the few exercises that you can perform that will give you the size strength and power you are looking for. This exercise is so great that it works your thighs, your back from top to bottom, forearms and even your core.

It works most of the bigger muscle groups which in a roundabout way helps to develop the smaller muscle groups tied into those bigger muscles.

Dead lifts will get your heart pounding so good you won’t even need to do cardio afterwards.

The most important thing I can tell you about performing Dead lifts is to lift weight you can handle not what everyone is trying to lift and make sure you keep proper form always throughout this exercise. Not only is this a great exercise but if you get sloppy while performing it you can really hurt yourself.

When you do big lifts like this one make sure to leave your EGO at the door and you will have a great workout.

You can do Dead lifts a couple of times a week performing 1 – 2 warm up sets and then 2 – 3 work sets. Which means first do 1 – 2 lighter weight sets and then jump into your heavy sets for 2 to 3 sets. If you are going heavy enough this will be all that you can handle in one workout. The Dead lift is an extremely taxing exercise. You don’t get that brute strength doing something really easy as I am sure you would expect.

I am going to recommend watching this video to learn how to perform this exercise properly.

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