Build Viral Content for the Web

There is more than one way to build a mousetrap. However, assembling the perfect one that will make an article go viral is all any writer or website/blog owner would like to know the secret to. There are several steps to take to make an article go viral. Building viral content for the web does take a few skills.

Of course, being relevant and creative are part of the formula and a must have. This is a basic premise that any great writer will follow. How about the rest of it? How does a web entrepreneur get a terrific article chocked full of magnificent work around the web in less than thirty days with a viral atmosphere surrounding it? These are tools that must be used in order to achieve the epic adventure of having a viral article on the web today.

Terrific information and material must be included

Quality, quality and more quality for everything you published. Finding the balance that is needed for a wonderful piece of material does take some practice. Most newbies right out of the door don’t generally get it right. However, practice does make perfect and you can obtain the skills necessary to invent the article you desire. The more you write the better you will become.

There is a base rudimentary formula that is followed and found with every viral article. Every one that has fallen into the ideal formula is displayed in a few categories

a) Readers find the material hilariously funny
b) Amazing resource of information or education
c) A reader pauses with an enormous “wow”
d) Emotions are peaked or evoked

If you have the ability to produce written work that will hit on one of these categories, the chance of achieving your goal is greatly increased.

Humor is something everyone possesses. Although usually people have a different senses of humor. You do not necessarily need to be a comedian to be funny. Various writers have the ability within them to be funny or better yet, people find their work funny. Anyone with the aptitude to make it take place within subject matter should take advantage of it. This is how you will get your viral day on the web.

Educating and informing is what nearly all of the articles written today are developed for. Resources that include the most relevant and interesting info are destined for greatness. Whether you are creating a list for a specific topic or simply relaying material. Great link juice for articles to related sites or blogs help the cause to increase page rank with search engines. The higher the ranking the more reads or page views are received.

The WOW article is generally the most difficult. This is the category that removes you from the everyday dribble on the web. These are unique in their structure because they have the tendency to be extremely few and far between. Breaking news like seeing a dinosaur walking the earth again will accomplish the objective. Although this is the extreme, the norm will never receive the WOW effect needed.

Emotion is a difficult task when it comes to being a writer. You may feel emotional ties to a subject or piece of writing, but can you convey that emotion to millions? One reader may connect with you on the same level. Though, getting the same article read again and again by different individuals of various backgrounds, life experiences and outlooks and evoking the same emotion in each reader usually will not occur. Writers that make it transpire have been successful in going viral with it.

A wonderful addition to all of these is that the majority have material written in the form of lists for readers.


Images are more than useful in making things materialize with an article. If you are not applying images and pics with every piece you write, you are missing out on hundreds or even thousands of views, readers and customers. Readers want to be stimulated with appealing visual images. Every viral article contains them.

Readers perceive experts and credibility with writers that use both pictures and images with written work. Make the most of both.


Video is the medium making an enormous change in viral content around the web. This is displayed by the popularity seen with sites such as YouTube. Imagine millions that have viewed clips of video that are merely one or two minutes long. With the immense number of viewers that are also readers as well as customers taking advantage of what video offers your objective means you must go down this particular road to success.

Formatting work

Headings and subheadings are vehicles and tools that form a visual appeal to writing. Readers scanning the web and published work found on it will stop and read an article which visually attracts them. This means that fashioning quality work simply isn’t enough. Getting a reader to stop and discover they have located an article worth their time and should be shared with people they know means reeling readers in with how it looks.

Fascination with an article occurs first with the allure and charm of formatting it correctly. Tempting readers with article displays is the beginning to the end of a viral piece of writing.


Networking an article begins at home. This means making certain that social networking sites and bookmarking are being done as much as possible.

Networking is a necessary resource for writers. Whether this is achieved through your own efforts or those of others doesn’t matter. Viral substance is characteristically shared by readers and not necessarily the writer.

Whenever you have a piece of exceptional writing you are willing to share, do so with gusto. You will be surprised at the number of others that will generally feel the same way.

Any writer that has shied away from any social media networking philosophy with their written work needs to make a change to see viral subject matter around the web with their writer byline.

Follow search engine guidelines

Following the guidelines and rules put forth by search engines such as Google is not only a suggestion, but a rule of thumb. Learn what is acceptable and what is not. This also holds true for any changes that are made for algorithms like Google has in place. Surprisingly making a misstep in this direction will cost a terrific article or blog post to lose page rank or be deleted from publication, with or without notification.

Following search engine guidelines will actually increase readership as well as getting your subject matter in front of more viewers.

In conclusion

These are simple tools and techniques that have been proven to construct viral content that writers the web over search for every day. One piece of writing could potentially net you not only thousands of dollars, but so much more with your freelance writing career than you could ever imagine.

For your next piece of written work you feel has the juice to make it work-put it out there and make certain to follow these pieces of advice to make the difference between success and failure.