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Build your future with Urban Space


Build your future with Urban Space

Urban Space of Grand Rapids is a boutique land financier and advancement firm that works with private speculators to accomplish their land objectives. Either private or business, Urban Space can help you legitimately execute your arrangement. Urban Space of Grand Rapids spends significant time by and large contracting, financier, property administration, advertising, and resource administration. On the off chance that you have an underutilized property, they can locate the best use for it and help you accomplish your monetary objectives.
Grand Rapids, Michigan is a quickly developing city that is pulling in people and families the country over. With the workmanship and society, instructive open doors, and fame restorative offices, shows why Forbes in 2014 positioned Grand Rapids as number 2 spot to bring a family up in the United States. The downtown Grand Rapid Inc. has had an in number effect on pushing this statistical surveying to the midwest and has an in number business sector infiltration to engrossing new occupants to the Grand Rapids zone.
Great Rapids Businesses are likewise on an ascent. As per Manpower Employment Outlook Survey the Grand Rapids business positions among the main six U.S. markets for occupations, as per head honchos in the 100 biggest metropolitan factual range. Fabulous Rapids has been designated ‘Beer City USA’ and as indicated by Lonely Planet is the number 1 US travel destination taking into account the nearness to its lovely west drift.
In the event that you are a land speculator or property proprietor, you need to set up or recognize proficiently ran resources for your speculations. Climate its redesigning, building, or including, right now is an ideal opportunity to work with experts to upgrade land resources. Proprietor land can turn into a weight for a speculator on the off chance that it is not legitimately arranged and executed. As indicated by GRAR it is a dealer’s business sector and could be an extraordinary chance to exchange your land resource.
Our company has already accomplished a lot of projects. Some of them are: Condominium Development – 65 Monroe Center NW. Created, planned and built a seven unit blended utilization building offering top of the line condos in the Grand Rapids DDA. This project costs $3 million. 314/320 Jackson St, Grand Haven, MI. A townhome style lakeside withdraw in the form of shoreline benevolent townhouses close Lake Michigan. Ideal for summer excursions or the individuals who love the lakeshore year round. This projetcosted $$1,600,000. 56 Monroe Center NW, A Seven unit Mixed Use constructing in the heart of Grand Rapids DDA with an eatery and six condos. The venture began in February 2008 and completed on June 10th 2008. This project costed$1,700,000.
There are some project in progress: 1140 Broadway in the DDA of the West Grand Rapids District is 10 unit loft remodel of a current church.Project Cost: $1,400,000.00. Extravagance townhouse advancement on the harbor of Lake Michigan, that elements 18 townhouses with beautiful ways of life decks and heaps of luxuries.Project Cost: $2,100,000.00. 11 S Division. A 50,000 sqft space mult-use advancement in the downtown Grand Rapids stimulation area.Est. Project Cost: $7,000,000. 733 Wealthy St SE. A 75,000 sqft blended utilization flat building with retail and 40 private live work units. Development to start April of 2015.Est. Project Cost: $8,500,000. For further information and services please visit our web site

Build your future with Urban Space
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