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Build Your own Free Online Shopping Blog

I recently found this really cool online business idea for making money online so, I went to check it out. The name of the website is Zilo. Zilo allows you to build free online shopping blogs. The best thing about it is that it is free to use. The surprise is that once you register, for the free account Zilo lets you build 5 free online shops and you get to choose the various types of niche products you want to sell.


You can build your own free online shopping blog and then you can build four more. It is not hard to do at all. However, it does take time. You will need to take the time to add keywords, a product description for the item you are adding to your online shop. You can and should add related products and add some media from YouTube as well in order to increase the visibility of the items you are selling so that the search engine spiders can crawl the place and index you in the search engines.

You have a report panel that gives you information as well as tips on how to improve your free shopping blogs. There are various modules you can include and options for making money online by building a blog. You get a commission on every sale generated through your store that ranges from two to 15%, depending on the supplier. There are available to you over three million items to fill your newly created virtual e-store in the Zilo directory.

You can also generate some income by referring others. When you refer someone to Zlio, Zlio gives you a free bonus of 10% of that person’s commissions forever, and then you also get 5% of the commissions of anyone they refer. However, you will also have to drive traffic to your shopping blogs by letting others know about them. You can do this in many ways such as posting in your other blogs, writing articles and publishing them with a link back to your shop. This should be something that should be fairly easy for freelance writers to do, I think. It only takes a few minutes to register. However, it does take some time to do the SEO or search engine optimization. You can choose niche products to match some of the things you already write about and then include the links to the items in your own online shop and generate online income. I am looking forward to building all five free online stores.

For instance, here is just one of the new free online shopping blogs that I have been building. See what you think and then consider if you want to build your own free online shopping blog and more…

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