Build Your Own Shelves With Laminate Shelving Boards

Laminate Shelving Boards

One dynamic material used in today’s home improvements, decors and furniture is laminate shelving boards. Most carpenters and furniture designers choose this type of material due to its multi-purpose quality aside from the affordability it presents. The best thing about these boards is that it can perfectly go along with the trending sophisticated contemporary look everyone wants their homes to be. From flooring boards to shelves and cabinets, laminated boards are preferred compared to its other counterparts. With that, it all comes down to the query; how to create shelves using laminate shelving boards?

Why opt for laminate shelving?

Before giving you specific reasons why opt for these boards, you might want to know a brief hardware description of laminated boards. Basically, laminate shelving is composed of board particles mostly pinewood where all its sides are covered with melamine, a hard resin. Most lumber manufacturers produce this type of boards according to length, width and thickness. Hence, they are made for trouble-free shelf installation process.

Now that you’ve already met laminate shelving boards, opting for these shelve materials is highly suggested. Aside from the obvious reasons stated above, these boards are self-sufficient. Meaning, it can stand on its own without adhering it to the wall. All you need to do is to design and construct a steady, well structured shelf and let the plank do its purpose.

How to build a shelf using laminate shelving?

The first step in every furniture construction is to come up with a design. Envision your room with it and picture a trendy design that would blend along with your other things. First timers should consider using simple designs as their first projects. Although modern furniture is known for its artistic appeal, you don’t have to overdo your design. As long as it is doable, then proceed with your plan and into the next step.
Once you’ve finalized your design, measurements are in order. In taking measurements, add some slight allowances in cases of minute errors during woodwork. As for the space, also allot spaces for the shelf to freely be moved when cleaning or furniture re-organization. In your measurements, indicate the length, width and depth. And basing from your design, estimate the number of planks you need to construct the shelf or cabinet.

In purchasing the materials needed, avoid purchasing intact laminated wood planks. This can cost you more work and expenditures. Laminate shelving boards are manufactured according to various sizes. However, if you can’t avail the right size and measurements, you might want to check the proper cutting method for these types of boards.

The next step would be the construction. In doing this, consider what you are doing as a piece of art that needs to be meticulous. The key to a simple yet impeccable shelve, perfect for a modern styled house is to treat it as a master piece where there is no room for errors. Lastly, remember that these boards are already coated. You don’t have to furnish them with varnish or paint after construct. However, if it is inevitable, a thin coating would do.

With that, you have just built your very own high fashioned cabinet or shelve using laminate shelving boards.