Building Types and Styles in Chennai

Chennai is a metropolitan city with a lot of architectural buildings built from the times of the British rule. The Indo-saracenic  Architecture  are buildings of huge onion domes at the top and several smaller domes, huge pillars ,cusped arches, spires, tracery and stained glass. This concept is a blend of the Mughal and the Hindu with a Victorian aspect to it. Most of the railway stations and the corporation building of Chennai are built in this design. The port region was the initial core of the British in India from where they had expanded throughout.  This region has the oldest constructions which gradually convert to new age buildings of steel and high rises as one move to the interior of the city. The East India Company has followed the European Structure of buildings such as the Gothic or the Victorian. The old constructions such as the Pachaiyappa temple or the Municipal Corporation is built in these styles of brick and thick lime layered with an exterior of Stone-like appearance.

The next style which was a blend of Indo-saracenic and Neo-classical was the Art deco style which mostly was used to build residential apartments. These buildings have interiors of modern design but no balcony is present in this type of design. But the architectural curves in stairs and grilles, Parapet walls with vertical shaped windows give a unique look to the structure. Another typical style of houses is those of the Tamil Brahmins who have houses on either side of the road surrounding a temple. They have tiled sloping roofs with four wings of the house meeting at an open courtyard.

The flats for sale in Chennai however do not consist of any of these designs. With the modern economy enhancement, mushroom apartments with minimum space wasted are created for the urban civilization. One of the many construction groups is the A V constructions which provide 2BHK flats starting at a price of Rs 23lakhs. It’s built over an area of 730 square feet in Guduvancheri, Chennai. This construction can be easily affordable by the mediocre whereas the Altis Oceanique is afar fetched luxurious complex consisting of 3BHK flats and covering an area of 1770 square feet. This is located in South Chennai with 180 luxurious apartments ranging from 1250 to 2600 square feet of carpet area. The price range is from 1.6crore. Another group that offers flats for sale in Chennai is Pacific Aurum which is located in Padur; South Chennai offers 4BHK flats at 87 lakhs. Aurum villa is based entirely on Vaastu principles. This residential compound provides everything of daily needs extending from hospitals to schools, evening work out to shopping mall.

The flats for sale in Chennai depend entirely on the feasibility of the customer and vary upon price factors as well as locality and features of the apartments. The apartment prices extend from few lakhs to few crores according to the requirements of the customer.