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Bukisa — Rest In Peace

If you were a member of Bukisa and thought of publishing a new article, forget it. If you thought of editing an article; forget it. And if you’re thinking of joining Bukisa, forget it.

When one hires incompetent web designers it can be expected that there will be a few glitches. As Bukisa seemed to have moved the barrel and dug under it, the ‘publishing‘ button doesn’t work. If one presses it, then get a 404 error.

If one tries to join, they’ll be sent an email without the activation code.

Hence, whatever is there, no matter how badly the new template has butchered it, you can’t touch it. If you thought to join, you can’t. It is so ridiculous that I had to try it on two separate occasions to prove that I wasn’t having delusions. After all, how can anyone run a ‘publishing‘ site if one can’t publish?

For those who don’t know what Bukisa is;

About five years ago Bukisa was a direct rival of Triond. One was paid by the site, so forget about clicks, Adsense or anything else. Further, it paid MORE. One received about 3c for every 10 hits, so you know this site was paying, and people were writing.

Then it decided, as many sites do, to stop pay. To direct its users to Adsense or Chitka and let them work it out. One couldn’t even easily know how many hits one had on an article.

Triond, however, kept the pay from site style and added Adsense. Bukisa stopped being a rival and became a must miss. Contributions decreased, hits decreased, people weren’t paid, and due to the sloppy style of the owners, Bukisa was labeled a ‘Content Farm

This meant that is one posted an article on Bukisa and then did a search, using the actual title, it might not show up until the 10th page, (if at all) because it begins with a minus score

One assumed that Bukisa would try to do something to regain it’s previous position. Well it did something, but not something to regain it’s previous position.

It redesigned the site, so that as I mentioned in the first paragraph, users can’t publish and newbies can’t join.

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