BumGenius Review: A Great Pocket Diaper For Beginners

If you are looking for a cloth diaper that is easy to use, looks great, and lasts a long time, and you are just a beginner to the cloth diaper world, consider the BumGenius pocket diaper. It is a great cloth pocket diaper for new parents (and babies too).

Pocket diapers are great for beginners because they are a foolproof method of assembly. Comparing pocket diapers vs. diaper covers, the pocket diapers have a perfectly sized insert that you simply put into a built in pocket in the diaper. There is no folding or real adjustment needed. You simply install the insert into the pocket and you are ready to go. This makes the BumGenius pocket diaper very friendly to infrequent users like the babysitter.

BumGenius cloth pocket diapers look great too. You will feel fine just letting your baby run around in them since they are so cute. They come in a whole rainbow of colors so you can match them to your babie’s personality.

The initial cost of a set of cloth diapers may seem high, but it is important to remember that the nonstop purchase of disposable diapers will no longer be needed once you have converted to cloth. A pack of disposable diapers can cost as must as $30 or 40 For that price you could buy a couple of these clothe diapers. The difference is that you will reuse these over and over again with no future trip to the store.

Cloth diapers also mean way less waste in your trash can and at the landfill. It also means that you will put your new cloth diapers in the laundry, so plan to have enough to cover you on laundry day. Many parents report to have saved anywhere from 10% to 50% on diapers once they moved to cloth diapers, so there is certainly a chance to save some real money.

Another thing you will find with cloth diapers is that they are better for your babie’s skin. Many parents find that the incidence of diaper rash and other skin irritations goes down drastically once they begin to use the BumGenius cloth diapers.

You may wish to start slow. That is OK. Start your baby with cloth diapers during the day at first and then build up to nighttime use.

The BumGenius cloth pocket diapers are the first place I would send a parent looking to try cloth diapers. Their attractive appearance, solid construction, and ease of use make them a great choice.