Bunk Beds with Couch Underneath

Bunk beds with a couch underneath help you to make the most out of your space, especially if you live in a small house or apartment. They are particularly useful when you are throwing a party or having a get together at your place. Instead of having your guests sit on your bed, you can have them sit on the couch, which creates far more comfortable seating. The great thing about bunk beds with a couch on the bottom is that that you can usually convert the couch into a bed as well. During the day you can use the couch to sit and at night you can convert it to a bed so that visitors can have a place to sleep. They work well with all age groups, whether you’re a college student living in a cramped dorm or a young teenager who loves to throw sleepovers.

Buy Now: Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Futon Bunk Bed

Only: $189

The Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Futon Bunk Bed is an extremely sturdy metal framed bunk bed that comes with a full-sized folding futon frame underneath. Designed to maximize as much space as possible, the futon can be folded during the day to make a comfortable couch. Guests can sit down and play video games, watch TV or do homework. This bed allows you to combine your bedroom with your living room, allowing you to use up leftover space for other furniture. If you have guests staying over for the night, the couch can easily be flatten to create a comfortable full-sized bed. All the parts are properly labeled, and assembly shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. Make sure to reread directions because they may not be as descriptive and detailed. All in all, this is a solid bed and it’ll be difficult to find something similar for the same value.

Walker Edison Twin over Futon Metal Bunk Bed

Buy Now: Walker Edison Twin over Futon Metal Bunk Bed

Only: $369.00

The Walker Edison Twin over Futon Metal Bunk Bed is built with steel framing and is perfect for kids. It has full-length guardrails and a stable integrated ladder to provide safety. The bed has a futon at the bottom that can easily be converted from a couch to a full-sized bed. If your child likes to throw slumber parties and have friends over, this bed will not only help you conserve space, but also accommodate any guests.

Things to Consider:

When buying a bunk bed with a couch underneath, you should always look at the material. Steel and oak beds are usually the strongest and don’t break easily. Take as much time as you need when assembling the bed. You don’t want to rush and put a bed together only to have it collapse on you while sleeping. The two items listed above are the best bunk beds with couches underneath.