How to lose belly fat??

Do you do excessive eating?

Are you a foody person?

Can’t you control yourself after seeing mouth watering food?

Does your desire rule your health requirements?

Are you irritated of your growing fat ?

And do you want to lose your belly fat ?

Well here are the mantras to all above questions which will allow you to lose belly fat .so forget all your worries and follow the mentioned mantras and I assure that you can surely win over the “ghost of excessive belly fat.”

  1. Firstly control your excessive eating not by restricting yourself to eat high calorie foods but by limiting the amount of food you eat. Try everything what you want to eat but control excessive eating. Eat sixty percent of what your stomach desire for and trust me you will lose your diet and of course belly fat over a period of time.
  2. A personalized diet plan which is suitable for your body should be followed. Every exercise can’t be right for your body. Every food diet will not suit your body. You need to have a workout routine and a diet plan which is customized for your body only. Only then you can lose your belly fat.
  3. We should motivate ourselves that spending time doing exercises is of great personal use as it tunes the body and keeps it fit. It can be said that one who avoids exercises and saves time would spend the same amount of time in hospitals or with medicines in course of their life. So exercise more and hence lose your belly fat more.
  4. Walk more and hence lose more. Studies show that walking can be the best exercise to lose any kind of fat. so if you think you can walk more and then certainly you can lose your belly fat more
  5. Moral motivation and support should come from your heart not from someone else .So if you really have the passion to lose your extra belly fats then you can certainly do it just by following a mantra ,”eat less, exercise more and show your passion by just doing it”

So if you have right desire accompanied by right passion along with desperation to lose belly weight you can certainly do it by following the above five mantras. So now don’t think ,”just do it.”