Burning Wood for Heat in your Home

Keeping warm by a woodstove is an absolutely wonderful feeling. The radiant heat that comes from a woodstove is far warmer than every heat source you can place in your home in my opinion. I have a woodstove by a company called Jotul, which turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made. Heating with propane gas is just not very practical for a family that doesn’t make very much. Keeping up with a woodstove can be a tough thing to do! There is a lot of work that goes into keeping your home warm. I personally start out the morning by going down stairs to the woodstove and attempt to start a nice fire. I grab the small chunks of wood first because they seem to catch on fire the quickest. After the fire from that is going really well, I place bigger logs in the stove and let the fire roar! Looking at the wood burner every hour or so is the key part of keeping the home warm. Keeping the fire as hot as you can keep it safely is what heats the home! All of this is only possible with a large quantity of wood to last the entire winter. I have been lucky enough with wood sources that have covered the past 7 years for free. But it is a lot of work to get that wood. A reliable truck and trailer, a reliable chainsaw, and either a hydraulic wood splitter, or a fit individual that can use a splitting maul to do it by hand. The manual part of the process is a very good workout for anyone. I personally do a lot of the log splitting myself, just for the workout. The chainsaw that I purchased was a Husqvarna, which you can get a great deal on Amazon.com, along with the chains and splitting mauls. Safety equipment is also a great investment and can be purchased as well on Amazon.com I feel like I invest around 80 hours a season to be able to heat my home. I also have estimated that burning wood for a main heat source saves me on average about $2000 a year, just because propane prices are insanely high! Any questions or comments about wood burning I would gladly answer them!