Bush Hog ATV Mower

A Bush Hog ATV Mower can make relatively quick work of trail cutting and trimming of unkempt fields and yards. They are known as a very reliable company, making a very good product for people that need them. In this article, I’d like to go over the ways to put the unit to work for you, along with some things to think about when you go to buy one and some alternatives to purchasing your own.

Not For Little Four Wheelers

These are heavy and large, for the most part, so you’ll need an ATV that can pull a Bush Hog Finishing Mower efficiently. In general, you will be looking at 48” or wider, with its own Honda engine. You’ll need something with some power to pull them effectively. The attachment piece for a four wheeler should probably not be towed behind anything other than a 500cc model. There are some alternatives on Amazon for sale as well.

What They’re Used For

A finishing mower is a great way to get a nice, even cut of the grass and weeds, so it looks really nice. Many people, however, use them for fields in food plots for hunting and for cutting trails in the woods, just as you would with any other kind of tow behind mower for sale.

Purchasing A Pull Behind Mower

You will not find a new Bush Hog cheap, but you can find a good bargain on them, if you shop around and look for the best deals and values. While the price isn’t low, the quality is very high, making it a long term value. If you don’t purchase from an authorized dealer, be sure you have access to parts and repair, which shouldn’t be a problem.

Alternatives to Bush Hog Pull Behind Mower

Renting: If you need to blaze trails, cut down weeds and grass in fields, or just about anything else, but you only need to do it once, or even annually, you might want to look at renting one. It’s a much cheaper proposition that makes good sense if you have limited use in mind.

Other Brands: Bush Hog isn’t the only maker of pull behind ATV mowers, so be sure to check out others like Swisher, DR Power, or RoughCut models. You’ll save some money on many of the other brands, so it might be a good alternative to save some money and cut the brush when making trails or food plots.

As you can see, a Bush Hog ATV Pull Behind Mower is a great option to keep in mind when you have a large area to cut.