In the not to distant past it started like this…
After my morning meditation I began to read the paper and the more I read the more upset I got. As usual I started cursing Bush I was really mad it seemed so wrong, the lying the killing the hypocrisy. Being too mad to stay in the house I went out for a walk. Shoulders tense head down watching my Air Nikes eat up the sidewalk, I passed the beautiful flowers and the lawns that are in my hood, I was barely able to smile at the pretty young mothers out with their strollers. As I walked further I started to calm down and breath at a normal rate. After a few hours I was able to see the colors and found that the young women where beautiful, I was back.
As the beauty of the day acted on me, and the play of shadows made my mind relax. I thought back on my anger and how it took over my whole morning. Who was this Bush to ruin my day how dare he make the whole world hate me because I only spook English. As I walked and thought it accrued to me that I already know that politicians are not out to make my life better (there are some but so few) so why all this anger, where is it coming from.
Watching the cars pass and seeing the light reflect off the glass and chrome, it some how gave me courage to look deeper.
Looking at my life, my thrust for knowledge coupled with my early physical training has made me smart and strong. Feeling that I was at a place in my development to know the difference between right and wrong I knew that Bush was wrong and I was right. So why can’t I dismiss this stupidest and get on with my life? I mean I know that you can’t change everyone and being cutting edge I can’t expect everyone else to have vision. So why? Could there be some link some sameness that we shared? ANGER? No he’s not upset at all, I mean look at him it’s all good.
That one thought made my mind stop and in that stillness I ‘SAW’.
I was the one going through all the changes not Bush. I was the one being angry I was the one questioning all the things in my life. For Bush and his people life was just one big happy dude ranch.
In my thrust for knowledge I had read many books and I remember hearing about great men of knowledge, master teachers, mystics and saints and In the stories there is talk of how their teachers made them angry and there by letting them see where anger comes from. I again thought of Bush. Could it be true, was this a true ‘Hidden Teacher’. The more I thought about it the more it made sense but I needed more proof.
I ran back to the house and found the book I was looking for, a book of teaching stories by Idries Shah. . As I hurriedly looked for a passage that I had read the week before, I could feel my heart quicken as time started to slow down I knew I was on the periphery of deep knowledge. And there it was. A man had asked a Sufi about his teacher and the Sufi had told him what a great poet he was and how he would light up a room when he entered. The man said how it must have been great to study with so well liked a teacher. The Sufi explained that he acted that way to the outside world but with his students he had us doing annoying small tasks till we could see our vanity and made us angry so we could see where anger comes from.
Yes it was true, as I read and pondered it became clear, Bush is a Sufi Master!
Let me explain.
One of the ways to tell a true Sufi master is that they have moved beyond concern with how others perceive them.
Take Bush
He cares so little for his reputation that he carries on the ‘work’ knowing that most of the world will despise him. Still a little confused?
Maybe my story will help you to see………..
That morning I had been looking at pictures of Iraq. In one there was a man covered with blood crying against a wall morning the loss of his brother in an other there was a young solder cover with dirt on one knee, rifle up not scared not brave but ageless in that hell he was in, war.
Now, as I looked again at those pictures I thought death, so much death and suffering. Looking out the window I saw people, cars, all going to and fro safe in there comfortable little world and then it hit me they too are all going to die and I’m going to die guaranteed. No one is getting out alive. I looked again out the window and some how I could see that the people I was looking at don’t know that they are going to die. I could tell by the importance they gave to things and ideas of no value. That is, no value to someone who is going to die. How can everyone, myself included, act like your not going to die, Is living with death in mind the way to make life’s decisions? It is! Had I really gained knowledge? Yes I had!
Again I was struck by how much Bush will be hated by history an yet the sacrifice is worth it, If Americans can face there own mortality and use it to see how temporal this life is there by finding their own truth and giving conviction to their decisions. It is worth it.
And there was more.
I thought back to an article that I read on how the Bush ‘people’ had lied and distorted the truth to get us involved in this war. An yet on the same page there was a poll that said that most people (53%) thought that bush was doing a good job as president. as I pondered this, from my now perspective, I saw that this was a prefect example of how government can benefit the people in some things yet by making such a blatant example of lying and distortion, Bush (by secretly playing the fool) has made it very clear that the government can not be followed blindly.
I was awed by the mastery of how this knowledge was transmitted. Truly a master, I was ready for more.
Security is one of the driving factors in how people live and how they act yet in this changing world making decisions based on physical security can be a trap leading to disappointment and confusion. Bush, by making security the catch word of his talks yet taking action that makes the world less secure, has taken away the idea of external security forcing us to break are ties to externals. This puts us on a path where we can, with the grace of the most high, find security in the eternal. I mean who is going to face this idea if you don’t have to. By using the situation (or the place), the people, and the time, Bush has created an environment where this kind of learning flourishes………………
But if you feel like you are losing your way and can’t find your footing in this accelerated learning environment, look to the master. Calm, easy, riding a bike, chopping wood, nothing fazes him. You can see that he can see that life is not only what is obvious, but there are other forces at work things and currents that can only be seen by those who have changed (the changed ones). It’s more then faith it’s knowing.
Nothing scares him. This man, I will call Baba Bush in honor of his work, has seized the time, multimedia, the place, the white house, too effect the most amount of ‘people’, making them deal with the biggest stumbling blocks in human development.
Can there be a bigger problem in the world then misunderstanding between religions? For thousands of years great men have given of there time and lives explaining that there is no difference between faiths in their desire to open the heart of hearts in union with that which no word or sound can give meaning to. This has been minimally effective. Yet by fanning flames of intolerance between Christian fundamentalist, Islamic fundamentalist and Jewish fundamentalist, very rational groups, Bush has managed to start the kind of dialogue and actions that make it so easy, even for those of less perception, to clearly see the irrelevance of differences when seen against the core truths of their faith (It has not happened yet but how can this fail?)
This takes true courage. You have truly gone beyond caring about life or death when you bring light to religious and pious people that don’t want to see.
But by far the greatest of all the teaching lessons that Bush has put into play. Again using the time the place and the people, Bush and his ‘workers’ have created more fear then has ever been used in the history of this country. Fear of an unknown terror that can strike anywhere. Why do you say this a great teaching lesson? Because, just like yin and yang, when there is too much of something it reaches a critical mass and becomes it’s opposite. When the people of this country are so afraid that they can no longer face the day and their health is failing they will give up and not care. When this happens fear and self-obsession will have been put in the proper place freeing great amounts of energy that are trapped in propping up your sense of self. A first step in perceiving the invisible world.
You may think this is far from the actions of an enlightened man but Bush didn’t make this world the way it is. This world is a result of the desires of the people all over the planet, their intention to make life more joyous for themselves. An yet people are not very happy, they complain but don’t take the time to look at what makes them happy or sad or fearful or angry. That’s because it’s hard and it takes courage to look inside for the answers. You reveal a gem by removing the dirt and worthless stone. You reveal a man by removing the trivial and the superficial. These few lessons I have pointed out taken as a whole do this perfectly.
Bush has taken a world, seemingly out of control, as his canvas. By being the president, all master Sufis have to have gainful employment as part of the path, he was able to apply a nudge here and a small push there to start the chain of events that made the regular movement of world events blow up so that the largest group of people would be effected. There by giving millions the chance to participate in higher learning.
You may ask why I write this now, why would I reveal the secret work that is being carried out by ‘The Master’? Call it vanity if you must but it is wrong that ‘Baba Bush’ (my hidden teacher) not receive the recognition that is his due. There needs to be some voice that can help to remove the veil that prevents people from seeing the higher truth of the events that they witness. If not in my lifetime then for future generations some record of the truth will exist.