News Business for Builders in Kolkata

Business for Builders in Kolkata


The real estate business according to the builders in Kolkata has become very competitive as several firms have entered into the market with their different projects. They all try to entice the customers with various attractive schemes and offers.

The real estate business in India has flourished to a much higher degree within the past few years. It should also be noted that the infrastructure plays a pivotal role in boosting up the economy of the nation. The roads, the national highways, dams, bridges, residential and commercial buildings, the flyovers etc are all the essential aspects of infrastructural development. Most of the people associated with real estate business are purchasing vacant plots of land and are constructing high rise buildings for residential or commercial purpose. Earlier, this activity was limited to basically the metropolitan cities and urban areas, but they have expanded their business to the smaller towns and districts as well. Even some rural areas have also come within their approach which are usually connected with the cities.

However, the builders in Kolkata have to plan and frame their strategy very carefully because any project involves a large amount of money. Therefore, they have to take into consideration a number of vital factors before actually deciding to purchase a plot and then beginning the construction of proposed structure on it. First and foremost it is very important to evaluate the value of the land or the plot. The value of the land depends on the area in which it is located and how developed the is that particular area. The parameters for development of area include the kind of roads, transport and connectivity, modes of convenience, residential area, parks, shopping malls, multiplexes and commercial buildings. However, nowadays, there has been a crunch for space especially in the cities. It has compelled the builders to buy plots towards the outer fringes of the city.

A builder or a real estate entrepreneur is quite aware of the fact that the level of competition has also increased in this sector and there are a number of builders in the market. They all are associated with some or the other projects and trying their level best to woo the customers. Therefore, they also have to launch various schemes in order to boost the sale of their apartments. These may include the option of Easy Monthly Instalments or low interest rate on taking loan from a specific bank. However, in most of the cases, the real estate firms have a tie-up with a bank which grants loan to the customers. They may also offer some attractive gifts such as a four wheeler or a LCD television or an air conditioner on the booking of the flat.

The price of the apartment is decided according to the property rates of that particular area. Obviously, if the residential complex is being constructed in a posh area of the city, the price will be much higher as compared to the ones in other locality. The price is fixed according to per square foot. One can multiply the cost of one square foot with the total area of the apartment. Apart from that the builder in Kolkata would also charge the registration fee of the apartment. This will provide you the total cost of the flat.

Business for Builders in Kolkata
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