Business strategy: M.O.N.E.Y

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So you want to make money? Who doesn’t.. the real question is are you willing to put yourself out and do what is required to make money and not just talk about it? If the answers yes then this is the business philosophy for you. I have put together a simple set of rules which will help you succeed in any business venture. You have to remember this is not a get quick rich scheme which is like some sort of over night success potion. You’re not going to wake up in the morning, look out the window and your skoda’s a Mustang G.T. This is simply a philosophy that is proven to work in Business I give you M.O.N.E.Y.. (not as in currency you have to work for that)

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Motivation :- Become motivated and eager to succeed in any business venture this is the foundation of any great entreprenuer

Observation :- Observe the gaps in the market/niche opportunitys. Before you can act you must observe, only fools act without observing and taking in the relevent information.

Negotiation :- Use the power of good netotiating techniques to always get the upper hand. You’ve all heard of the The ‘gift of the gab’ perhaps one of the most effective and more notable entrepreneurial traits if you can get something cheaper the more profit you make when it comes time to sell, You don’t have to be Donald Trump to work that one out.

Evaluation :- Evaluate the pro’s and the cons in order to make the correct moves. Evaluating the criteria of your strategy is vital in order to act in the most effective manner.

You :- You are the biggest asset. You are the driving force behind everything without you there’s not your business, have faith in yourself, see a vision and make it reality because when it’s all said and done you’re only going to leave behind what YOU have done.

Live by M.O.N.E.Y make money!

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Business strategy: M.O.N.E.Y, Seekyt
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