Butterfly Tattoo Design

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Butterfly Tattoos on the Shoulder

Butterfly tattoos have been one of the most popular tattoo designs. Butterflies are often the subject of artistic expression from painting to music. Butterflies usually represent rebirth, transformation and freedom.

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There is a wide range of unique and beautiful butterfly designs which makes it possible for every woman to have a distinguished butterfly tattoo that suits her persona well. In fact, there is a butterfly tattoofor every emotion, attitude, and expression that women wish to adorn.

Butterfly Tattoo Design, Seekyt

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Tattoo is not just a design, especially a butterfly, as there are various meanings associated with it in different cultures. Butterfly symbolizes transformation and change throughout it’s life; from a lazy caterpillar to a cocoon and then finally a free beautiful life! The pretty colors and designs on the wings of the butterflies irrefutably attract to women. This explains why butterfly tattoo so beloved b women. Though the life span of a butterfly is short it spreads pure joy and happiness around, which many cultures find very spiritual and gives the message that life is to spread love and joy In Japanese culture, one butterfly signifies young womanhood where as two symbolize marital bliss. And in Christianity, a butterfly stands for the soul which is not confined to the dominance of flesh. So butterfly tattoos have some deep meanings attached to it. Tattoo designs are quite trendy nowadays. Butterfly tattoo as one of the most womanly tattoo designs. Butterfly itself is very tender creature so it also represents friability of life and transience. As well, as the butterfly fly from one flower to another for gather nectar, it also represents unsteadiness in the world of mortals.

Butterfly Tattoo

Even though tattoos can be worn by any people, the butterfly tattoos are lady’s favorite due to their feminine beauty. You can find photographs of a real-life butterfly and engrave it on you or choose some abstractionist artwork for plagiarism. There is a buoyant demand for tribal and Celtic butterfly tattoos design and these patterns appear special and unique. By the same token, butterfly tattoos appear pretty wherever you place it on any location. However, most of people like to put butterfly tattoo on the back and feet. Occasionally, they are integrated with other tattoo designs such as flower and leave so that the design becomes more elegant and refined.

You may be interest in getting one butterfly tattoos on you. Before you decide on carving a butterfly tattoo, you should keep in mind that as butterflies correlates with beauty and elegance. It is good to use fine line and make them to be of elaborate craftsmanship and refined

Designs for Butterfly Tattoos on the Shoulder

Well we always liked having a fragile flitting butterfly on our shoulders when we were kids. So if you are a woman who wishes to rekindle this magic once again then get ready to sport one of the prettiest butterfly tattoos on your shoulder.

There are many things that you need to pay attention to before getting a butterfly tattoo. First of all you have to decide the location where you want the tattoo; it could be edge of the shoulder, center of the shoulder, or shoulder area closer to the nape, etc. Once you decide the location you also need to choose the design of the butterfly. Depending on your choice you can go for one big butterfly or two more butterflies. Apart from this, you also have to decide the color and effect of the butterfly tattoo. For example, for a raw look, a single color or black plain butterfly stencil design is preferable but if you need a more lively tattoo then you must go for colorful and fleeting butterflies which are sure to look pretty on your shoulder. Apart from this you can add some leaves, flowers, or tribal lines along with butterflies to get a complete look. Adding some of the abstract spiral lines and designs with basic butterfly design can also help you get unique butterfly tattoos on the shoulder.

Basically, there many themes, colors, and designs that you can experiment with butterfly tattoos on the shoulder. So go ahead and flaunt the butterfly tattoo on your shoulder by wearing a tank top or an off shoulder dress. I am sure you will win loads of compliments!

Significance of Butterfly Tattoo

The significance of a butterfly tattoo can be different for different people. For a lot of women and girls, a butterfly is seen as a symbol of rebirth and/or transformation. The other most common meaning of butterfly tattoo is that of delicateness. Although most butterflies are small in size, there are some large butterflies as well. Whatever be the size of the butterfly, they have a delicate look about them. It is important to note, though butterflies have a delicate look, actually they are way stronger than we presume them to be. Therefore, women might also want to convey that although they look delicate on the exterior, they are way stronger from within. In some cultures, a butterfly is seen as a symbol of souls of deceased people. It can either stand for warriors, who died in war, or women who passed away in the process of giving birth.

Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

Butterfly tattoos are essentially looked upon as feminine tattoos. The versatility of this tattoo design lies in the fact, it can be made in different variations and sizes. At the same time, different color combination can be used to make the tattoo. The size of the tattoo is modified depending on the body part, where the tattoo is to be made. For example, if the tattoo is made on the spine, then the size of the tattoo is big, whereas if the tattoo is made on the shoulder, then the size is rather small.

Different tribal elements can also be used to make the tattoo. It will lend unique touch to the tattoo. If you really like Celtic tattoo designs, then they can also be incorporated in the tattoo design. When you are choosing a butterfly tattoo design for yourself, you may want to get a temporary tattoo made. If you like the way the tattoo turns out to be, then you can get a permanent tattoo

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Butterfly Tattoo Design, Seekyt
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