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Buy 3D Cameras Online and Save BIG Money

Buy 3D Cameras Online and Save

3D cameras a review and some options

Technology is advancing at a staggering rate. Did you know you can now purchase your own 3D capable camera and take 2D and 3D pictures and video?

Well you can.

You can take 3D video on your own camera of your own children or when on vacation or anywhere you want and when you want to view in 3D just connect your camera using an HDMI cable to your 3D television and enjoy your 3D images.

I have found a few cameras I think are worth anyone interested in filming their own 3D to check out and see if these pieces of equipment might be your next technology purchase.

The Fujifilm’s 3.5” LCD screen lets you view your 3D images on the camera without having to use 3D glasses.

The Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3 digital camera which features dual 10 megapixel sensors and 2 3X optical zoom lenses is a great choice for your first 3D camera.

It shoots in 2D and 3D and takes still pictures and video in both 2D or 3D depending on which you select. The 2 lens system are what give the images the depth and 3D images just like really having the image right in front of you.

In advanced 2D mode you can take photos and videos using both sensors independently to take your images in different colors and at different zoom lengths to get 2 different looks at the same image.

Learn more about the features of this camera on Amazon.com.

3D Camcorder information

Panasonic has a very nice 3D camcorder that is reasonably priced. Panasonic claims it is the world’s first available personal 3D shooting camcorder that shoots in full HD 1080/60p progressive movie recording format.

The Panasonic HDC-SDT750K camcorder comes with a 3D conversion lens that you attach to your camcorder when wanting to shoot in 3D. The 3D lens creates an effect called visual disparity with its 2 lenses inside the conversion lens.

The two lenses simultaneously capture the same image which will give you the desired 3D effect during playback.

To play back your video just hook up the HDMI cable that was sent with the recorder to your camera and your 3D television and your 3D video will be displayed. You will need 3D glasses to view your images properly.

This Panasonic really does sound like a must have for video enthusiasts especially once you hear of all the special the camera has. Like being able to record in 5.1 surround, Using the wide angle lens even up close, the wind noise canceller and there is even a bass control for when you are recording.

The camera is available at Amazon.com.

A lower priced 3D Camera

For a very reasonably lower price (under $200) than the cameras I have above the Aiptek 3D-HD High Def 3D Camcorder looks to be a really good option.

The camera is a bit bigger than a blackberry phone and shaped the same way. You can view what you are recording on its 2.5” display in 3D format without the need of any special 3D glasses which is a bonus.

The camera records all video in MP4. To watch your recorded video on your 3D TV just use an HDMI cable that is capable of having bandwidth speeds of up to 10.2 gigabits per second pass through so you don’t lose any quality of your video.

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