Buy a Used Honda Accord for Under 3000 Dollars

Buy a Used Honda Accord for Under 3000 Dollars

Buy a used Honda Accord for under $3000 and you could have a great car for years to come. Because Honda Accords have had a reputation for being very reliable cars for a very long time. Imagine sitting behind the wheel of your new used Honda Accord. Better yet, imagine all of the money you’ll be saving on gas. Go ahead count your savings ten, twenty, thirty, forty, dollars and more.

All Those Honda Owners Must Know Something

Accords also have one of the most loyal customer bases of any car in the country. They’ve been some of the best selling cars in America for decades. Just think about all of the Honda’s you see as you drive around town. That should tell you something about them. Here’s a Honda challenge for you. Try counting all of the Honda’s you see the next time you’re out driving for 30 minutes or more. All of the Honda’s you’ll see are still on the road because they’ve proved to be good cars and great buys. All of those Honda owners must know something.

How Many Miles on Your Car?

If you check websites like,, and others, you’ll see that used Honda Accords for under 3000 dollars, average 14 years old and 175,000 miles. The fact that a 14-year old car has a resale value of 3000 dollars says something about how much people like and want Honda Accords. Remember, 175,000 miles is the average mileage of $3000-dollar Honda Accords. Most 14-year old Honda’s have a lot more than 175,000 miles.

My Honda Story

We bought a new 1986 Honda Accord LX that we drove for 10 years before we traded it. It was one of the best cars I’ve ever had. I shouldn’t have traded it because the only thing better than a new Honda is a paid for used Honda. Honestly, the only problem I had with that car was having to replace boots on the CV joints. That was a cheap and quick fix. There’s a funny story about that car. We called the dealership when we got home because we couldn’t close the doors on the car. The salesman told us we needed to crack a window before we closed the car doors. He said the doors sealed so tight that it made the car airtight, keeping the doors from closing. That’s the kind of long-lasting precision manufacturing that goes into Honda Accords which makes used Honda’s great buys.

The Kids First Car

The reliability of Honda Accords makes them great first cars or a good second car for the family. An Accord would be a great first car for a teenager to drive to school or work. In addition to their reliability, Honda’s are some of the most stylish cars on the market. That makes a big difference to a teenager that wants to impress his friends. But to some teens a car is just a big purse on wheels. But if your kids going to be driving home at night after work, this car is one of the cars you would want them driving.

Save on Gas

Gas mileage is another strong point for Honda’s. Even before the Green energy movement, Honda’s offered great gas mileage. Honda was one of the first car companies to offer greater fuel efficiency. A cars gas mileage rating is an even greater concern today when gas prices are always threatening to go up. If you buy a used Honda for under $3000 dollars, the fuel efficiency on some Honda’s could give some return on the cars purchase price.

5 Reasons to Buy a Used Honda Accord For Under 3000 Dollars

  • Reliable
  • Looks great
  • Great resale value
  • Good gas mileage
  • 3000 dollars is a great price for all of this

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