Buy Discounted Disney Tickets

Buy discounted Disney tickets and save on your next trip to Disney World. Disney is the favorite summer vacation spot for many families but a Disney vacation isn’t cheap. When you add up the cost of airfare or gasoline for the car, a hotel, food, souvenirs, and other miscellaneous item, for a family of four it could easily cost several thousand dollars. The fact of the matter is, the Magic Kingdom can make money disappear like nobody’s business. So how do you buy discounted Disney tickets and save on your next trip to Disney?

Employer Disney World Ticket Packages

Start by checking with your employer. Some companies have offered discounted tickets to their employees and their families. If your company has a travel office or a person that’s responsible for booking business trips they may know of any discounts that your company offers. If you do business travel on a regular basis you may be able to join airline travel clubs and earn mileage points that you can redeem for airline tickets. You may be able to use your airline miles toward tickets for your Disney trip. Obviously, this won’t save any money on your tickets but you can use the money you saved on airfare to pay for tickets.

Disney Friends and Family Plan

If you know any family members or friends that visited Disney recently ask if they brought back any offers for ticket discounts. There are promotional materials for discounts on everything, including tickets to Disney, all over the Orlando area. Once you visit Disney, you get on the Disney email and snail mail mailing list. They send you “discounted” Disney vacation offers after your visit. Your friends and family members may be receiving these offers after their Disney vacation so check with them to see if they have offers for discounted tickets.

Online Disney World Ticket Discounts

The Disney website is another great place to look for discounts. Disney has special offers for military and for local residents of Florida. If you type military discounts in the search box on the Disney website, the search returns a link to any available discounts for members of the military. I did a search and found links for special offers on tickets and hotels for retired and active duty military.

Disney World Special Offers for Groups and Events

Disney also special offers for discounts on tours, resorts and special events. You should also check with travel agents about Disney vacation packages. A friend or family member could probably recommend a travel agent that helped them save money on their vacation. They’re in the Disney loop and know the ins and outs of prices. They just might save you a lot of money. If you know of any other ways to buy discounted Disney tickets and save on your next trip to Disney World, please share them in the comment section below.