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Are you looking for a house for your four legged friend? Here you’ll find the one we chose for our dog Bruno and a few more that caught our eye.

There’s a great choice of dog houses available which are made of many types of materials suitable for both indoors or out. When choosing an outdoor house make sure that it’s weatherproof and will keep your dog dry and warm. 

If your dog is an inside pet then you’ll find a range of cute and practical indoor houses to choose from.

A dog is not just a pet, they’re a part of the family so give them a nice, cosy home. Keep your best friend happy and content and he’ll reward you with love and affection.

Wooden Dog House

Dog houses made with the natural beauty of wood offer a solid, hard wearing, weather resistant yet cosy outdoor home for your dog.

Boomer & George Log Cabin Dog House

This is the Dog House We Chose 


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This dog house was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. We chose this one because the floor isn’t too raised and it’s easier for our elderly lab with mobility problems to get in and out. 

He doesn’t need to spend too much time in his house as he likes to go out with us, but when we have to leave him at home he loves having his own home to curl up in. 

He also likes to lay in his house where he can find a bit of cool shade when the sun gets a bit too much for his black coat.

All-weather construction Dog House

This type of dog house is easy to assemble and other than washing occasionally requires no maintenance. Being weatherproof makes them a snug and comfy home.

Our Pets Cozy Cottage Dog House


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The Cozy Cottage will withstand all weathers and is suitable for dogs up to 75 pounds. Assembly is quick and easy, no tools are needed, there are only five pieces and they just snap together.

It is well insulated against all types of weather and will keep your dog comfortable no matter what the outside temperature. There are two roof vents which slide to allow ventilation on the very hottest of days.

Reviewers on Amazon found this dog house sturdy and well made and expected it to last for years. They like the removable roof as it makes cleaning the inside easier and find the outside easy to clean with a sponge down and a rinse with the hose. 

Choosing a Dog House

Some things to think about when choosing a dog house:

  • Removable roof to make cleaning easy
  • Off center door gives shelter from wind and rain
  • Raised floor lets air circulate under the floor keeping it dry
  • Feet that are adjustable make it easier to get the house level
  • Adjustable ventilation for a comfortable and healthy environment
  • A slanted roof helps to direct the rain to the back of the house keeping the doorway drier

Merry Pet Wood Room with a View Pet House


Check it out on Amazon

The Merry Pet dog house is just a little different from other homes with it’s rooftop balcony, a great space for playing or relaxing in the sun. Your four legged friend can survey his territory from the top of his house and keep a look out for annoying cats to chase!

It is made of kiln dried wood which is then stained to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and to make it more hard wearing. This house is suitable for smaller pets and can be used indoors or out.

The bottom of the house is raised which keeps the floor of the lounge dry and your pet comfortable. Owners found the Room with a View easy to assemble, attractive, good quality, sturdy and easy to keep clean.

What size dog house?

When deciding which size you’ll need you will find that some house manufacturers give a weight or breed size guide while others will give the actual dimensions. Dogs tend to like a house that is a little larger than themselves with enough room for them to turn round in and for them to lay down in comfort.

Animal Planet Fold & Go Portable Pet House


Check it out on Amazon

This house makes a perfect indoor home for your little pooch, it’s so cute! Not only is it good to look at but it also folds flat, making it ideal for traveling or storing. It’s great for vacations or for visiting family as it takes minutes to assemble, packs up easily and takes up very little space.

The roof takes off for easy cleaning and packing and there is a padded base for extra cosiness. Your little pet will feel safe and snug in his new home. The shelter is suitable for small and medium sized dogs and measures 18 x 18 x 18 inches.

Merry Products Garden Dog House


Check it out on Amazon

A sturdy and spacious house to keep you pet warm and dry no matter what the weather. It is made of stained fir wood which makes it weather proof and resistant to rot and pests. The windows are shuttered for ventilation and the door flaps keep out the flies and help keep your dog dry.

I hope you have found this article interesting and helpful. 

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