Buy Inexpensive Outdoor Showers Online

Buying An Outdoor Shower

You don’t have to be in a fancy hotel spa to make use of an outdoor shower and you certainly don’t have to be living in a warm weather state to have one. It’s so easy to buy inexpensive outdoor showers online and hook them up in any space where you want to put one. If you are a bit handy, this is a great weekend project and even if you aren’t that handy, with a little knowledge and training, you could have one of the best inexpensive outdoor showers online!

Where To Find Online Showers?

First things first, you have to know where to get them online at the most affordable price, after all, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the product. If you are installing yourself, let’s take a look at just where to find the different showers to install. has amazing opportunities and at affordable prices that you just can’t ignore if you are an online shopper. Plus, the trusted brand makes it more trustworthy to shop there. More than any other company online, if you use Amazon, you are pretty much guaranteed excellent service. The customer service seems to be very helpful. Most customers have good reviews of their shopping experience on Amazon which is a plus when deciding where to buy your products.

Types of Outdoor Showers

Do you have a pool outside and would like to rinse some of the chlorine from your clothes and skin? If so, a Poolmaster portable shower may be perfect for you. This is a great product to rinse yourself and your feet after using the pool or a hot tub. It sets on your patio or porch and has a detachable shower head, plus the shower is made out of non corrosive PVC construction. The base is almost like a patio umbrella base, where you can fill it with sand or even water to keep it from moving. It’s so nice and easy to use. All you do is attach it to your garden hose and you can set it anywhere around your pool or spa. Makes it perfect to rinse off and you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an outside shower installed. The cost is under $100.


Solar Heated Showers

If you are looking for heat, try a solar heated heated shower from Amazon that is easy to install and a lot cheaper than most:


Most solar powered ones run over $200, but here is a nice affordable shower by Amazon. This one has a 9 gallon reservoir that absorbs energy from the sun and then heats up the water inside. Without any energy costs, this is a very affordable outside shower. It also connects to a regular garden hose so you won’t have to install any extra plumbing. You may wonder where to put it, but you can install it on any wood surface or you can anchor it into a solid surface. It really depends how you want to use it. A great price at affordable costs.

Showers for the Animal Lover

You can’t forget the little pup because there is an awesome outdoor shower attachment that is cheap and will keep the mess outside. You can use it inside too if you need it but for outside use this is great. All you have to do is attach it to any inside or outside faucet and give the little fellow or girl a great bath!


If you want to use cedar pressure treated lumber and make a free standing shower here is a video on some points and tips to make a free standing shower for a DIY project.

As you can see it is possible to buy inexpensive outdoor showers online.