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Your feet may be sore from working to make ends meet, and you may need to find a buy now pay later shoes catalog or site so you can get a pair of new sneakers. Or, perhaps, you saw a cute set boots on sale and want to order today but do not get paid until tomorrow. There is good news for you. Select online shopping sites can be a good value if you need to get the product now and work out a payment plan. In this article, we’ll look for sites and catalogs that focus on buy now pay later shoes. First, though, let’s understand a little about how buy now pay later catalogs work.

buy now pay later shoe catalogs

How does buy now pay later shopping work?

Merchants who allow you to buy now and pay later provide you with a product and allow you to setup deferred billing — that is, you are able to obtain your shoes now and get the opportunity to pay them off over monthly installments. This can be a great alternative to an outright purchase if you are short on money one month and need to get a pair of work shoes.

You are not limited to work shoes, though. You will be able to find the most fashionable heels or sneakers at sites such as Grand Pointe, FingerHut or Seventh Avenue or Ginny’s — all of which offer buy now pay later shoes. There is even a Wal-Mart buy now pay later option.

Although each merchant is different, you can expect to pay a monthly payment. The amount will depend on how much your item costs. It may also depend on the merchant. Seventh Avenue and Ginny’s, for instance, have a minimum of a $20 monthly payment.

The deferred billing installment may include a finance charge, which can help the merchant fund a buy now pay later program. There may also be associated fees, so it is important to look over the fine print before purchasing. But these programs do allow you to get now, which can be a value if you are in need of good pair of walking shoes now.

Will the merchant check my credit score?

A brief credit check will, more than likely, be done. This is to ensure the company will get its money back because, unlike you, some people may try to abuse the system.

Merchants like Sears may do a thorough credit check, so you may want to steer clear of those type of companies if you have a very bad credit score.

But it won’t hurt to apply and at least try to become a part of their program. It’s possible they may accept you — you never know unless you try. Once you get accepted, you’ll want to prove you are a good customer. You can do this by paying the balance each month on time, which can help your credit score and get you pre-approved for a higher credit limit with the merchant.

Although not all companies credit report, you could request, especially if you pay on time, that the merchant send a letter to the credit bureaus about your excellent payment history.

These letters may help you in the long run by increasing your credit score.

Buy now pay later shoes, the good, bad, and ugly.

There’s good and bad with everything; catalogs and sites that offer buy now pay later shoes are no different. We’ve looked at the good with these programs, but let us turn our attention to the bad.

Your credit history will be very bad if you don’t or can’t make the monthly payments after using a buy now pay later catalog.

These merchants will report you to the credit bureau if you don’t pay. If you can’t afford to make the payments, you should probably hold off using one of these catalogs.

If you have no intention of making payments and fulfilling your financial responsibility, you don’t want to use these programs.

You need to be responsible here. Before big corporations, a merchant was a one-man shop owner. This one-man shop owner would extend credit to his fellow townspeople — as long as he trusted they would make good on the purchase.

Choose and charge catalogs work on the same principal: The merchant trusts you will pay the money back on time because they think you are good for it.

How do I order from a buy now pay later shoes catalog?

Online shopping is easy from one of these sites. All you need to do is fill you online shopping cart with the products you need to get today.

After that, the merchant will want you to create an account for billing and shipping information.

They will also have a page for terms and conditions, which you’ll need to agree to. I would like to take a moment here to actually mention that reading the fine print here is important.

You will then see a page about your order needing to be approved before it will ship.

One point to keep in mind is that these catalogs can help you build your credit history and purchase products you need now, so it’s a good idea to only buy one or two items at a time. This will make sure you begin a good relationship with the merchant, and the merchant will be more likely to trust you’ll pay them back. They won’t deny your order, then.

Websites and catalogs that offer buy now pay later shoes can be a value if you are short of money or don’t have a credit card.

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