Buy Now Pay Later Sites for Bad Credit 2016

Here come the holidays and many of us are looking for opportunities to secure that special gift for the important people in our lives. No one wants to be a person who is left out of the gift-giving process, but financing this your child’s Hatchimal just might be an impossible break to the bank. However, if you remember paying on layaway, you might consider an alternative method of gift purchasing by using a buy now pay later site or buy not pay later catalog.

Alternative Ways of Earning Credit for Home Goods and Gifts

What can we do if our bills are too high and we’ve used all of our disposable cash-flow for those essential day-to-day living expenses? What if we’ve had some troubled financial experiences and our credit score is too low to secure a store credit card? Are there other possible ways out of the traditional financial trap which are affordable to people who need to live within their means? This is where the unique credit category of buy now pay later catalogs comes into play for home gifts and needed clothing items – things that have been traditionally available in department stores.

buy now pay later catalog

There are many online stores which provide you the opportunity to make monthly payments just like if you were having a real credit card account, with the great news that you are getting the gifts, home goods, and clothing items when you really need them. Let’s face it – many of us struggle with bad credit, and alternative credit options might be the best solutions for us to make purchases, and to establish credit when other lending partners might consider us too much risk.

Here’s Where Buy Now Pay Later Sites come in

As an alternative to using a credit or debit cards, many catalog retailers will grant credit for you, thus allowing you to make monthly payments towards your purchases. A few of the benefits for you to consider are that, for many, the application process is fast, and relatively easy, with no embarrassing credit check. Many retailers grant up to $1,000 to $2,000 in credit towards the purchase of high-demand items like televisions, computers, electronics and gifts and offer low payment terms. If you can maintain a good credit payment history, this can be a good signal to future creditors.

What’s in the Fine Print in Many Buy Now Pay Later Sites?

In order to qualify for credit, you will have to submit proof of identity and disclose your social security number, just like any other credit application process. Some buy now pay later retailers will sell your information to other companies, so don’t be surprised if you receive lots of junk mail and email a few months later. Also, typical interest rates are much higher than good to average credit cards. Many buy now pay later catalog purchases are financed at rates exceeding 20% and if you pay late, they will report your delinquency to the credit reporting agency, just like any other creditor.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Sites for Holiday Shoppers

Seventh Avenue is a buy now pay later sites that has more than 30 years getting thousands of special and unique products. These products are difficult or maybe even impossible to find out in the conventional stores.  Its catalog has a variety of sections that you may need to get on your home. The way of getting in is through the Choose´n Charge, which gives you a plan of payment of $20 by month if a purchase is up of $200, $25 by month if purchase is up of $400 and $30 if purchase is up of $600. Payment does not increase with the time, delivery is not paid and there is a 100% guarantee satisfaction product with no question asked about it.

Traditional Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs

Montgomery Ward is one the oldest buy now pay later site for bad credit, which has more than 140 years. This store has actually the same system of payment that Seventh Avenue has but with the difference that products of this store are of well-known companies. You can look for products 24 hours a day in the 7 days of week.

But if you cannot afford to pay  $20 a month there are other buy now pay later sites; Fingerhut is one of them. This shop starts around 1948 and since then is helping millions of people to buy products that include electronics, jewelry, furniture and bedding areas. There are more than 300,000 products with important brand names available at this buy now pay later catalogs.  To get started on this page you must get to the page,  do a test if you apply to Fingerhut Credit and if you are approved you can start using that credit right away. Monthly payments could be incredibly low as $6.99.  Don’t wait anymore, just buy and pay later.

Carol Wright Gifts, originally debuted in 1972, featuring the well known, “As Seen on TV” line of products. The site skews gifts and products for home and older demographics, but one can also find electronics and other gifts that are in high demand this holiday season.

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