Buy Pay As You Go Card Online With Email Delivery and Web Access

Buying pay as you go cards online is easier than it used to be. There are many qualified places where you can get a good pay as you go card online including Pingo and Walmart.

If you want to enjoy great savings doing local and international calling without a contract, then getting a pay as you go calling card is one of the best way to go. Pay as you go phones are also a good option but for those who have prefer calling cards, you can enjoy the convenience at a very affordable price.

  • Here are some features a good calling card should offer:
  • Simple to use service with no contracts to sign and not hassel
  • Simple to use service with no surcharges, hidden charges and connection fees
  • Mobile and land calling flat rate fees-flat rates for calling virtually any phone type
  • Money back guarantee
  • Guarantee for call quality
  • Pinless dialing
  • Easy mobile applications for Blackberry, iPhone and Android
  • Ability to make web phone calls at a competitive rate

Straight Talk Unlimited Calling Cards With Web Access

Straight Talk unlimited calling cards are great options because they come in different packages. Whether you want a one month unlimited calling plan or a 3 month and above calling card plan, Straight Talk is a very good options. These calling cards are great for students and travelers.

  • This card has cell phone minutes which have unlimited nationwide service
  • Picture and text messaging: Unlimited
  • Web access: Unlimited
  • No contract and not hassle
  • Comes in various time packages
  • You can see more options for Straight Talk Unlimited Calling Cards press here

International Calling Cards With Email Delivery

  • No need for an actual calling card, all the information is emailed to you
  • No contract fees
  • No connection fees
  • Good call quality guarantee
  • Cons: only good to call Taiwan, US and Hong Kong

Any calling card you choose should be easy to use and come with a money back guarantee. The company should have a high level of customer retention and should be honest about letting you know. Great customer service is also a must. With all the competition out there to buy pay as you go cards online, you can afford to be picky.