News Buy salon stations To Provide professional Services in a...

Buy salon stations To Provide professional Services in a Beauty Salon


When someone owns a beauty salon, that person needs furniture in order to provide the services that customers need. Whether the salon is located in a basement of a home or in a large building that has room for several stations, there are pieces that can be used. If someone works for another company and only has a small work station with a chair, there are still smaller supplies that are needed because stylists don’t usually share equipment. Each stylist will have his or her own items that are used on clients, and these items are cleaned frequently.
Types of Beauty Salon Furniture
salon stations
This is perhaps the most important piece in the salon. Without salon stations, the stylist would have to cut, wash and style the client’s hair while they are standing. There are several types of stations to get. One that has a lever so that it can be raised and lowered is ideal. Try to find one with arms on it so that the client is comfortable while in the station. Smaller station can be used for children, or the stylist can get a seat that can be placed in the station for the child.
Shampoo Sinks
Before cutting hair, many people like getting their hair washed. Make sure the sink has a ledge on it so that the client can place their neck while having the hair washed. The shampoo sink should also have an area where a hose can be connected so that the hair can be rinsed. The sink does not need to be large, but there needs to be enough room so that the stylist can easily wash and rinse the hair.
Manicures salon stations
This is more of a piece of furniture that is used if the stylist does manicures. Manicures are a way to earn a little extra money in the salon industry because there might be customers who only want to have their nails done instead of wanting a new hair style. There are Manicures salon stations that are big enough so that the client can place their hands while the stylist is buffing and painting the nails. Drawers in a manicure salon station is ideal because items like files and gels can be stored, and the station should have some type of light that is used to dry the nails after they are painted.
The Small Details
There are several smaller things that might not be considered furniture, but they are important to the beauty salon owner. A variety of brushes and combs needs to be kept in a drawer or on a hook on a wall. A hair dryer that is handheld or one that is attached to styling stations is also important so that the hair can dry quickly before it is styled.

Buy salon stations To Provide professional Services in a Beauty Salon
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