Buy Second Hand Washing Machines – Used Washers For Sale

There are many reasons why people choose to turn to the used and preowned market when they are shopping for a washing machine for their home. It’s not always because of lack of funds either, sometimes you are not staying in the same place for too long and buying a new washing machine just feels like a waste of money if you have to sell it on or dump it in 6 months, or you’d rather buy second hand washing machines rather than burden the planet with more manufacturing when there are perfectly good older products out there to use.

For most, the reason is simply lack of cash and it’s true, you can buy a secondhand washing machine for a fraction of the price of a new one and save a lot of money if you are careful in how you choose to buy one. If you are not smart, you can also end up with a hunk of junk which can cost you more in the long run than if you were to just go out and buy a new one.

Shop smart and you can save a bundle on a used washing machine and to help you do so, here are some great tips to find a bargain washer and some places to look to find bargain washing machines even without dipping into the preowned world.

How To Buy A Second Hand Washing Machine The Smart Way

Firstly, just because you are shopping for a preowned washer doesn’t mean you have to settle for the first piece of garbage which comes your way. It’s OK to say ‘no thanks’ and walk away from a sale if something doesn’t feel right or the machine doesn’t fit your expectations.

Look for gently used washing machines rather than some beat up old banger which has been cleaning the clothes of a family of 6 for the last 10 years. People dump virtually new washing machines all the time due to changes in lifestyle circumstances like divorce, downsizing their home, change of job and relocation, so there are plenty of bargains to be had out there if you are prepared to wait and be fast.

Make sure you ask how old the used clothes washer is when you reply to the ad, most people are going to be honest with you and to be fair, if they don’t know themselves then it was either bought new or a hand-me-down in the first place or they don’t want to say and it’s best to avoid it anyway if it is ancient or has already seen several owners.

Look out for strange washing machine smells and odors coming from inside the washer. These are a sure sign of trouble you don’t want in the future as this is generally caused by mold and mildew build up inside the machine someplace and it can be a real pain to eradicate those problems. Some washing machines are prone to water build up inside the drum and door seals which allow mold and mildew to thrive and this is often a design flaw which you will be fighting against the rest of the time you own the machine. If it stinks, don’t buy it and if it smells like the owner has dumped a bucketload of potpourri in there…it’s probably because it’d stink without it. Avoid a smelly washer.

Checking out the physical appearance of second hand washing machines is a general way to get an idea of age and how well it has been treated. If you see things like rust and dents etc. then it is best to avoid it. Likewise if you know it has been stored outside for a while, like it has been dumped in a shed or other non-household damp environment you might be getting issues internally you do not want. A quick glance over can tell you a lot.

Check around the door seals as these are an area in which problems often occur in older machines. The door should shut firmly and the seals should be tight and undamaged. It’s not expensive to replace washing machine door seals but it is a nuisance you’d probably rather not have to deal with on a new purchase.

If you can see the machine running then that’s great but the chances are it is not going to be hooked up at the time of purchase and even if it is, sitting through a wash cycle is not something you or the seller are going to want to do. Since you are not going to see it in action, make sure you discuss returning it if there are problems, and if you can, get it written down. Yes, it feels a littel awkward to ask these things but it’s your money, so protect it.