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Buy the Best 3d Tvs in the Marketplace Today

Technology has taken a gigantic leap in the arena in the last several years in how we watch television. The journey began with the battle of which is better LCD or LED and then along came plasma. The latest and greatest debate for television aficionados is the 3D television. The knowledge to find the best 3d TVs is something that any smart shopper would love to have. Follow these simple tips and tools on your journey to finding the best 3d TVs in the marketplace today.

Over the last year the technology associated with 3d TVs has certainly come a long way. A couple of years ago the 3d TV market share was only 10 percent of the total televisions sold for the home. Today the market share for televisions that are 3d ready is about half or fifty percent. There really is no such thing as a cheap 3d television. Be prepared to spend at least a couple of thousand dollars for a nice, decent television set that will make watching your 3d TV a pleasant experience.

Passive versus Active 3d tvs

There are actually two different categories of 3d televisions for home. The 3d televisions for the home are either passive or active. Active 3d TVs are powered by batteries and corresponding glasses are necessary to see the 3d images on the screen. Active 3d television viewing has a greater depth of field which is comparable to IMAX. Passive televisions with 3d have glasses that are not powered by batteries.

Glasses for 3d TVs

You cannot watch 3d TV without glasses. Some televisions are sold with the glasses included, while others are not. Depending in whether or not you have an active or passive 3d television can affect the cost of 3d glasses. For example, Shutter glasses needed for active 3d TVs are more expensive than their passive 3d TV counterpart. In addition, active glasses require a charge after about 6 hours of use. Passive 3d TV glasses are less expensive, don’t require charging and weigh much less than active 3d glasses. However, active 3d glasses provide the viewer with a better depth and viewing pleasure than passive glasses for 3d TV.

Aspect ratio for 3d

When shopping for a 3d televisions always consider the aspect ratio of the TV. The aspect ratio is not the size of the screen. The aspect ratio refers to how wide an image on the screen is contrasted to the height of the image. The better a television’s aspect ratio the more realistic the 3d viewing will be. The aspect ratio of 3d televisions can vary as well as the price. However, be prepared to spend quite a few more dollars for the 3d experience than a LCD or LED. Generally the better a set’s aspect ratio the more expensive it will be.

Best 3d TVs

One of the best 3d televisions on the market with an exceptionally high aspect ratio is the Vizio CinemaWide. It has an particularly high aspect ratio and is compatible with passive 3d glasses. The television is sold with 4 pair of passive 3d glasses. Expect to pay close to $2000 on average for this great television.

Samsung is in the race for one of the best 3d televisions in the 3d arena. Samsung ES6500 has taken the 3d experience a step further by adding a 3d depth slider. The 3d depth slider allows viewers to select how extreme they would like to view their 3d images. The one downside to selecting Samsung’s ES6500 is the set includes active 3d glasses. There are two free pairs included with the average sticker price of around $1800.00.

LG is currently making everything and anything when it comes to electronics. They have put their technology into a terrific LG 3d television with the LG47LM6700. The cost is comparable to Samsung’s ES6500, but LG has created a unique form of 3d television viewing. The passive LG 3d TV radiates light with a fluctuating directional effect. LG has made it possible to even view 2d television material with a mild 3d effect. With 6 free 3d glasses included with the cost, LG is extremely attractive for customers.

These are the best 3d televisions in the marketplace today. If you have a serious interest in wanting to buy a 3d television take into account one of the three mentioned here. Get the best 3d televisions viewing pleasure for your money when you purchase one of these three.

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