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Buying a Clawfoot Bathtub

If you are considering buying a clawfoot tub, it is best to know what to look for so you won’t take a bath when buying your clawfoot bathtub. Quite a few people that buy a clawfoot bathtub assume that there is nothing to it, but there is certainly more than a color scheme to consider. Making an informed and knowledgeable decision about your purchase can certainly be a plus. There are a number of questions to answer before buying a clawfoot tub.

To take a shower or a bath?
Are you a shower person or a bath person? Certainly the shower person will receive more out of a shower versus a bathtub. Lots of people will find that showers are used daily where as a bathtub is only occasionally used. Determine if you will get the use out of a tub that will substantiate the investment purchase of buying a clawfoot tub.

How much space is available?
One of the major considerations that should be taken into account is the amount of space that is available for a bathtub, especially a clawfoot bathtub. Clawfoot bathtubs will take up a lot of space in any bathroom. The best possible scenario is having an extremely large bathroom for this type of bathtub that requires more space than a more modern bathtub.

Homeowners that have a small bathroom and add a clawfoot tub take away from the look and feel of a great bathroom. Additionally, will a small bathroom continue to be actually functional after adding a tub that does not fit because it is too large? Will storage space or a sink be lost by adding a clawfoot tub? Make certain the space needed to keep a bathroom functional and attractive is available before buying a clawfoot bathtub.

Where to put your bathtub?
Remodeling your bathroom provides the opportunity to place the tub where you would like to see it. With a remodel leaving the shower and bathtub in the original position saves tons of money. Placing the new bathtub in the original position means plumbing costs for installing pipes and clawfoot bathtub fixtures can be saved.

As a homeowner that isn’t doing a remodel is it worth it to have to pay for plumbing to install the bathtub because of the desire of where to place it? Where a bathtub will be placed is a major consideration for costs when buying a clawfoot bathtub.

How much does a clawfoot tub cost?
Most clawfoot bathtubs are purchased as a kit. The kit includes the bathtub, faucet, drain and supply lines for installation. Cost can be affected by the tub size, what types of clawfoot tub faucets are preferred, antique versus new, the material the tub is made from, what style of clawfoot tub and even what size or type of feet are on a clawfoot bathtub is a consideration.

The average price found online is around $1400 for a clawfoot tub. There are some clawfoot tubs that can be full outfitted for installation for slightly under $1000. Although, the fully fitted tubs under $1000 are offering the basics.

Mounting the main tub faucets can affect the cost of a clawfoot tub. If a faucet is mounted to a tub wall, deck or bathroom wall will not only make a difference for how a bathtub looks, but it will change what is paid for the entire bathtub unit.

More expensive clawfoot tubs would be those made entirely out of copper or formulated for a special request or design such as uniquely shaped or made from materials other than the norm. Furthermore, the clawfoot tub faucets that are selected can make an enormous difference in cost of buying a clawfoot bathtub.

Clawfoot tub styles
Classic tub– is the most popular and comes with square or round ends. This is the most traditional of all clawfoot tubs.
Slipper tub-similar in style to the classic clawfoot tub, but the slipper tub has a powerful slope. The elegance of the slope with the slipper tub makes it a customer favorite.

Double slipper tub-the double slipper clawfoot tub is probably the most charming of all of the clawfoot tub styles on the market today. With a double back construction it sits separate from the rest of the clawfoot tubs offered for the retail market. The faucet and drain for the clawfoot tub are located at the center of the tub.

Pedestal tub-the pedestal tub is formed in the same art deco style of the 1920s and 1930s. The pedestal tub rests on a pedestal base which makes it have a smooth art deco look for any bathroom design

Antique clawfoot tub-Antique clawfoot tubs can be found. Though, most homeowners that want the antique clawfoot tub will opt for an antique reproduction rather than the real thing. You will receive the same look and feel as antique with a reproduction as well as the style, color and durability that come with modern bathtub designs.

Buying a clawfoot tub requires answering quite a few questions before making the decision to buy. After answering the questions at hand a definite informed decision can be made which makes the clawfoot tub enjoyable on more levels than one.

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