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Buying a Laptop for Under $500 – Great Features at a Great Price!

Let’s face it – for many of us, purchasing an expensive computer isn’t in the budget because of the bills we need to pay, food that needs to go on the table, and gas that needs to go in the car – but what if I told you that you could be buying a laptop for under $500 that was able to satisfy all your needs? That’s right – a laptop that you could use for gaming, music, graphics, office applications, e-mail, and even video editing? These aren’t dreams we’re talking about – you could have your perfect computer tomorrow!

Search For Great Deals on Used Computers

When it comes to buying a laptop for under $500, you can get a great deal on a used computer. When you look in the e-shops and online stores, there are often new versions of each computer available along with used versions. A laptop that is new to you is still a great laptop if it accomplished what you need your computer to accomplish, so don’t be afraid to look up some used laptops and the great prices that come with them.

Don’t Want Used? Try ‘Refurbished’

A refurbished laptop is often just a brand new computer that needed a little extra total loving care when it came out of the box. Often manufacturers will simply trade customers a new computer for a new computer if the one they purchased had a slight defect in its original manufacturing. Then these computers, which often still include a warranty, are resold at a lower price. When considering buying a laptop for under $500, this is a very viable method of getting a lot of computer for a great price.

Netbook/Notebook Craze

Though these laptops are often quite underpowered when it comes to their overall performance, if you simply need a computer to check your e-mail, surf the internet, and update a blog or two every day, then these could be the computers for you. With prices that start right around $200 brand new, they come with a price that won’t break your savings account. In addition, many of the netbooks also come with wireless technology so they can transmit data over the cell networks, meaning you can take your computer virtually anywhere and have the internet at your fingertips.

Want a Fully Featured Monster?

When it comes to buying a laptop for under $500, you can even find some that come with full features. Then it just becomes a decision as to what features you want to see with your computer. Do you want to emphasize graphics? Photography applications? Music applications? Office software? You can generally get a computer that comes with one of these full applications, with the ability to then upgrade as you feel it is necessary.

In taking all these things into consideration, when buying a laptop for under $500, there is one computer for me that fits the bill completely: the HP Pavilion dm1-3210us laptop comes with an 11′ high definition display, a 320 GB hard drive, and 3 GB of DDR3. It runs off of an AMD Dual Core E-350 accelerated processor, so you’ve got to watch where you stick the thing while using it so that it doesn’t overheat, but the processor does give you the speed you need without the price tag of more expensive platforms. At only 3.4 pounds it is lightweight, and you still have room to upgrade this computer. For an average price around $450, you can’t go wrong with all the features you get with a computer like this – you can put it through the paces of gaming, music, graphics – even video streaming, without worry.

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