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Buying a Stairlift in NJ? Be Sure to Pick the Right Model

As people get older, moving around becomes little difficult. In most cases, older people with mobility issue find it extremely difficult to move up and down the stairs in their home. Stair lifts resolve this particular problem. Whether it’s for residential or commercial applications, purchasing a stairlift in New Jersey can prove to be a valuable investment as it would improve the mobility of the elderly and enhance their independence. Leading dealers in NJ offer different models of this mobility device integrated with advanced features and technical specifications. They would also provide customized models that match individual requirements including the structure of home, staircase, and space and budget requirements.

How to Select the Right Stairlift Model

Before purchasing stair chair lifts, it is important for users to evaluate and analyze their requirements. As an initial step, find a reliable and established supplier in New Jersey. Make a list of popular suppliers in the elevator and lift market and check out the different types of models they offer. Make sure that the dealer you choose supplies quality products at competitive prices. The dealer should stand by the products that they offer and also offer efficient post-sales support. The main factors to be considered when choosing a lift are:

• Type of Stairway: It is important to select a lift model that fits your staircase, for instance, a straight stairlift if your home has a straight staircase and a curved stairlift if you have a curved or spiral stairway or landings. Electra-Ride LT and Electra Ride Elite from Bruno, SL-1000 and B.07 from Savaria are popular models for straight stair cases. The Stairfriend from Savaria, Acorn 180 and Bruno Electra Ride –III are leading models for curved staircases. Curved stairlifts can be customized to fit the design of your home, though they may be costlier to install than those for straight stairs.

• Indoor or Outdoor: If you want a lift that can take you from your front door to the sidewalk, choose an outdoor model that is built to withstand harsh weather conditions. There are models that come with a weather-resistant cover to keep the unit safe from the elements even when it is not in use.

• New or Reconditioned: If you have budget constraints and cannot purchase a brand new device, you can consider buying a certified pre-owned stairlift. If you do so, make sure that the dealer has reconditioned it to meet the necessary safety and technical specifications, and that it works smoothly.

• Standard features: Popular dealers offer devices equipped with prominent features, specifications and warranty to ensure a safe and comfortable travel along the stairs. Choose a model that comes with standard safety features like footplate and carriage safety sensors, retractable seat belt, on-board controls, locking swivel seat, diagnostic digital display, remote control, directional paddle switches, self-locking worm gear and more. For ease of access, you can ask for a stairlift with a swivel chair. This would ensure safety, as once at the top, the chair can be swiveled above the landing so that you can get off easily.

• Optional Features: Leading brands of this accessibility device come with many useful optional features. For instance choosing a ‘flip-up’ folding rail option would allow full clearance to doorways or hallways without any rail obstruction. The bottom part of the rail can be flipped up for trouble-free access and improved safety. Similarly, you can also choose from different colors for upholstery to make your lift blend with your home décor, and options such as a bigger seat, larger footrest, and top or bottom park.

Going by these considerations when purchasing stairlifts in New Jersey, will help ensure that you get a model that meets your requirements and guarantee value for money.

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