Buying Cute Wastebaskets for the Nursery

So many parents want every part of the baby’s room to be well thought and cute. Adding a themed wastebasket can offer a subtle addition to any nursery theme. Use this list to find some great wastebaskets for the baby’s room.

Ladybug Wood Trash Can from

This small, squared can is likely best for a girl’s room. It features pastel colors and rounded designs on the top edge. This wastebasket would fit well in an animal themed nursery. Even without a definitive theme to the room, this trashcan would look great.

Blue Striped Wastebasket from My Sweet

This trashcan is unique in that it rests on four small wooden knobs at each corner of the base. Being raised off the floor gives it a different appearance and its light colors allow it to fit in many different children’s rooms. You should know that this trashcan can be found on many different websites, as of the writing of this article, My Sweet offered the best price.

Wastebasket Wall Sticker from ExpressionsWallArt on Etsy

This wall sticker is awesome. It is a small white wall sticker that looks like a basketball backboard. Place the wall decal directly above a typical, plain, white wastebasket. It has never been more fun to throw away trash! This trashcan wall sticker would look out of place in some themes but would work in both a boy’s or girl’s bedroom.

Moon and Stars Wastebasket from

This is an adorable round trashcan that is light blue with white moon and stars. I like this basket because it is simple and unassuming. A moon and stars or weather theme would be the best place for this can, but it would fit in most lightly colored rooms.

A trashcan seems like an afterthought when decorating a nursery but finding just the right one can add a nice touch to any theme. Use this short list to help you add a nice detail to your baby’s room.