Buying Decals to Decorate Nursery Walls

Wall decals are becoming a very popular way to decorate your child’s room. Many different independent printers offer very unique removable wall appliques that can match many different nursery themes. Before completing your nursery decorations with wall sitckers, consider a few important points.


Wall decals are typically large but vary greatly in size. When you are buying wall stickers for your nursery, make sure you measure the space you intend to use them. It’s pretty common for people to purchase these wall appliques, only to find out that they are too big and need to be cut, or that they are too small and do not have the intended effect. Because some pieces can be very large it is common to see nursery rooms become too ‘busy’ with an abundance of designs and patterns and not enough open space on the walls. Survey the room before buying wall appliques and identify a few different areas of wall that will be left blank, this will ensure that the room doesn’t become too crowded with decorations.


Often the design of a wall decal if appealing but when it is placed on the wall, you find that the colors do not match the rest of the room. Avoid decals with the exact main color of the nursery and focus on complimentary colors. It is alright to use colors that match the theme even if they aren’t present in the room yet. Decide if you are making a gender exclusive room. Wall decals for a girls room can lead to very different colors than that of a boy’s.


It is easy to get excited about buying wall decals for the baby’s room. Still, do your best to take a calm and calculated approach to decorating with appliques. Make sure you add images that go with the general theme of the bedroom. There are a ton of amazing, cute wall decals but unless they match the general theme of your baby’s room, they will look out of place. Be sure to target your nursery theme before moving on to specific decorations.

Use this simple list of tips to consider before purchasing unique wall decals for the baby’s room. Happy decorating!