Buying Police Boots – Law Enforcers and their Boots

Buying police boots can be a challenge because of the different jobs that police do. Generally, boots can be put under three major classification categories. The classification of boots is done by the different functions that the boots are used for. The three major categories are law enforcement foot wear, military foot wear and recreational boots. As police is a law enforcing group, their foot wear fall under the first group and buying police boots requires careful consideration.

The boot as a foot wear is generally a heavy duty cover of the foot and leg. It is not officially a shoe. Many types of boots usually offer covering from the leg, the ankle and finally the foot. Sometimes some boots can extend all the way through the knee joint to the hip. One can get boots with these varying lengths. You can get a boot that reaches the height of the ankle only. You can get a boot that extends to the mid-leg regions and at the same time you can get a boot that reaches the knee. A different pair of boots that reaches the hip can also be availed to the person preferring boots of such a length.

Many boots have either a high or a low heel which is distinctly differentiated from the other parts of the boot’s sole area even though the two parts of the boot are made out of one piece of material. Primarily created from either rubber or leather, the modern boots in the market today are being made from a wide variety of boot materials. The main reasons why many people buy boots are two. One is to protect their feet against a certain kind of work or against the effects of the weather such as snow, water and mud while also protecting the wearer against hazards. They also provide additional support to the ankle in situations of strenuous activity. Thus they become functionality boots. The other reason that boots are bought is the trending style and fashion of that particular time. The different reasons provide the material to create the boots from.

Buying Police Boots

Law enforcing officers have certain decorum in the way they wear as well as match their uniform gear. In many police departments, the boot is always black in color. There are those countries that require their police personnel to wear different color boots but in the United States of America, all police personnel wear black boots. The boots, depending on the actual department where the officer has been posted to, have height specifications that the officer needs to take into consideration when buying police boots.

Generally, police boots can either be one of the two standard heights namely either six inches or eight inches in height. Boots with a low cut height are usually worn when the officer expects to walk a lot during that day or if he or she is expecting to be in the sitting position for long periods of time. These boots do not offer much support to the ankle but are quite comfortable and preferred by many officers. The mid cut boots are generally worn for light running as well as mild walking. Also, if the officer expects to have some physical confrontations, these are the best boots to wear. They have sufficient ankle support. High standing boots offer much ankle support and are generally used for running or walking in all types of terrains as well as hiking. Many police offers have given the opinion that this type of foot wear offers incredible comfort. However, others consider the high cut style of boot not as comfortable as the mid cut style of boot.

There are other important aspects of quality of the boot that the police officer needs to take into consideration when buying the boot, whether the wearer of the boot is a patrol police or an officer. Some of those qualities include the weight of the boot since the law enforcing officers do a lot of running especially chasing after suspected criminals. When buying police boots, the ability of the boot, particularly the sole, to adapt to quick running is important and the qualities of this include durability and weight.

The sole of the running police foot wear needs to be slip resistant. It is supposed to be strong and firm. The sole of the boot also needs to have at least 2 lungs in them in order to enable the wearer easily climb over fences as well as halt or break quickly while in the middle of a fast run. It is not unusual to encounter a pair of boots with a safety toe. This is a provision added to the boot to give it extra safety features. This particular feature is purely an individual preference but it is advisable to entertain the feature and it is good to look for it when buying police boots.

On any ordinary eight hour shift that the law enforcing offer is on duty, he or she does a lot of walking. Police personnel on patrol duties go round many streets every day offering protective and guiding services to the public as they meet them. To this end, they require comfortable foot wear and this should be considered when buying police boots.

General Features of the Police Boots

When buying police boots one should look at certain features that are key to having a comfortable boot that will enable the police offer carry out their duties properly. The eye let of the shoelace for the boot should be made of a material that is strong such as metal loops that will not rip easily. The sole should be long lasting and many officers say that hell tips are the ones that are mostly recommended. Some soles make irritating sounds when they are wet and when walking on some surface.

Foot inserts of a boot are another feature that is very important to consider when buying police boots. Researchers have seen that inserts from certain manufacturers experience wear and tear quickly so it is important to buy additional inserts. Toe support, another important aspect of the foot wear, should not be merely sewn or glued into the boot but should be firmly fixed. There are other features that offer the pair of boots additional protection especially waterproofing protection.