News Buying Residential Elevators in NY

Buying Residential Elevators in NY


With changing lifestyles and rise in the aging population, elevators have become a necessary element in most NY homes. Buying residential elevators solve the mobility issues of the elderly and provide them greater freedom to move to the different floors of a building on their own. While most new homes have or are constructed to accommodate an elevator, many people are incorporating one into their existing homes by making a few structural modifications. Purchase from an established supplier will guarantee value for money.

Benefits of Purchase from a Reliable NY Elevator Company

• Increases the resale value of your home – You can enhance the resale value of your NY home by equipping it with a quality mobility system. An established dealer can provide you with a choice of advanced models that can blend perfectly into any home décor.

• Superior safety features – Popular dealers offer mobility devices equipped with premium safety features like emergency stop buttons, automatic controls, safety sensors, emergency alarm and lighting, in-cab telephone system, handrails on platform, and more. Most models feature easy to use options that can be operated even by small children.

• Easy installation – Modern mobility device designs come with quick and easy installation options. There are certain models that can be easily installed without making any specific structural modifications to the existing building. New York elevator companies can provide hassle-free installation services.

• Efficient post-purchase service – Reliable elevator companies provide efficient support in the form of inspection, repairs and maintenance services.

Premium Quality Elevators available in New York

Leading manufacturers serving the New York area offer top models of home elevators equipped with advanced features and technical specifications. Homeowners can select the model that can best meet their individual needs and budget specifications.

• Eclipse – This model from Savaria requires only limited space to set up and it does not need a separate machine room. It features a modular rail system and can be easily installed in a new or existing home.

• Telecab – This is an innovative, economical system from Savaria with an enclosed drive tower that keeps mechanical components out of sight and safe. As it does not need a pit or hoistway, it can be set up easily and quickly.

• Renaissance – This model from Federal Elevators features a hydraulic drive system and uninterrupted battery back-up. It has a maximum speed of 50 fpm and a maximum of 7 stops.

• Elmira – This system from Cambridge Elevating is an economical choice for both new and existing homes and can fit even the tightest floor plans. It features integrated safety locks and a swing landing door with manual (or automatic) accordion cab gate.

Purchase from an established dealer in New York will also ensure the most competitive prices. Some companies even have special rates for systems purchased out of medical necessity.

Buying Residential Elevators in NY
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