Buying Scratch and Dent Silver Fridge Freezers to Save Money 2012

Buying a scratch and dent silver fridge freezer instead of buying a normal one is an excellent way to save money on your home appliance needs. Americans love their combined fridge freezers for their convenience and the modern ones combine polished or brushed silver cases to add sophistication to the average kitchen. In this article we will look at where you can buy factory seconds and scratch and dent appliances and how you can get a better deal. Under counter cooler, under counter refrigeration & refrigerators under counter and some of the things that you need to think about.

What is Wrong With Scratch and Dent Silver Fridge Freezers?

The answer to this question is often: not much. Factory seconds can save you a lot of money and the vast majority only have minor cosmetic problems such as paint chips, bodywork dents or scratches. Usually these cosmetic issues do not affect the products performance at all but because of tight quality controls they are not considered fit for regular sale in a showroom. This is very good for the customer looking to save money on home appliances as it means they can get a product they want for cheap likely with only a small problem that can be easily hidden (or not noticed).

The Places that Offer Scratch and Dent Silver Fridge Freezers

Lowes, Sears and REI are all great places to initially look for scratch and dent appliances. Often these retailers will have showroom stock that is slightly damaged that they are willing to sell for cheap. Sometimes these places will also have stock out the back that is unfit for the showroom or they may even have a second warehouse full of damaged stock that they sell for cheap. Look for refrigerators that have large scratches or other damage in a place that you can easily hide like on the back or side if you are putting it against a wall. Doing this can potentially save you 50% on your purchase and no one will even end up noticing that the appliance is damaged.

Once you have exhausted the retailers the best place to look is specialty factory second warehouses. These places have a large mixture of big and small brand stock that all have some form of damage ranging from minor cosmetic details to large functional issue that need repair. Depending on your needs and budget you will be able to pick a suitably damaged fridge to take home with you. If you are willing to settle for something that has more serious damage like a broken ice dispenser or a shelve then you may be able to save a lot on your purchase.

Tips for Getting a Better Price on Factory Seconds and Damaged Stock

When you enter a place selling damaged stock put your vigilant and discerning mindset into action. Be prepared to haggle over every minor scuff and mark to save as much as you can. These places are always ready to haggle and some prepare for this by listing each item at t higher price then it is worth. The price you get is going to depend more on your ability to bargain then the actual damage on each item. keep this in mind and you will be able to walk out with a deal you are proud of.

What About Buying Used Instead?

If you cannot locate a suitably cheap scratch and dent silver fridge freezer then buying used is not a bad idea. Be wary of cons and appliances that don’t work and always ask to see the appliance plugged in before handing over any money. You could end up saving more money buying used but there are going to be more risks.

Tips for Buying a Factory Second Kitchen Appliance

Always make sure that you know the full extent of the damage to any item you are buying. Try and figure out how any damage was cause and even try asking the sales person to find out if they know what happened to it. Was it dropped off a forklift? or was it simply scratched by someone moving a trolley past it? These are the things you should try to determine as they can indicate how much internal damage their is and how much it is going to affect reliability. Remember to always be careful and to ask as many questions as you can wehn buying scratch and dent silver fridge freezers