Buying Surplus Goods from US Military

The United States military establishment is the largest in the world and encompasses the Army, Navy and Air Force. This vast force needs to be equipped with the latest gadgetry and weapons for it to remain a global force. With this in view the US armed forces is constantly replacing and refurbishing its equipment. The old equipment is sold through auctions by the US armed forces which are an excellent source of buying good items though used. The good offered for sale through these auctions cover a vast gamut of operations that can bewilder a buyer
What does this site sell?
The site Government Liquidation (GL) is a site that exclusively channelizes goods which are declared surplus and are sold as scrap by the United States Department of defence (DOD. These are called surplus disposable goods and are from the inventory of the US armed forces.
The gods covered are from every conceivable field and are available for sale on line. The goods cover a bewildering array and include the following
• Aircraft Parts
• Electrical & Electronic Test Equipment
• Industrial Machinery & Equipment
• Medical, Dental & Laboratory Equipment
• Uniforms & Accessories
• Trucks & Other Vehicles
• Boats & Marine Support Equipment
• Building & Construction Materials

Return and Shipping policies
No items can be returned back. Hence it is important that the bidder is aware of the item and its use. The items are sold on as is where condition is and it is incumbent on the buyer to be aware and familiar with the goods he is purchasing

The goods can be shipped to any place in the USA. The site has a list of local and international carriers which are approved by it. This facilitates ease of shipment. The responsibility of removal of the goods is of the buyer.

The property/goods is sold on ‘as is where is’ condition and no other warranty express or implied can be claimed. The goods will match the description as advertised on the site and can be physically inspected. The site will only sell items to any person who can certify as to the purpose of buying the items and also its end use.
One of the conditions of sale is demilitarization of the goods which must be complied within 30 days of sale.

Physical stores location and Customer Service
The site manages over 150 storage depots spread over US military bases all over the USA, Alaska and Hawaii.

The site has a customer services hot line which is given below. They can be contacted by email at
The address of the site is listed at
15051 North Kierland Boulevard, 3rd Floor
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA

The site has an exceptional feedback of reliability and goods supplied. No complaints have been registered and goods auctioned by the site are in great demand.