Buying Teak Patio Furniture on the Cheap

Teak is the perfect wood for patio furniture as it lasts for many years. You can keep it the golden honey colour it is with protection or you can simply let it fade naturally to a silvery gray colour.

It can be expensive to purchase new, but there are some deals online, but one of the best ways to get a teak patio set is to check with local online sites such as Kijiji, USfree ads and check out your local estate sales and larger garage sales.

As many older people downsize they will not want to bring this patio furniture with them. As nice as teak is, it is still a heavier set that will need moving. But you can get some really good deals. I saw outdoor teak chairs in a garage sale once simply because the owner did not like that faded colour and thought they were now simply “done”

You can find some good deals if you are willing to take the set already in it’s grey silvery hue. Many people don’t realize that with an afternoon and a bottle of good outdoor teak furniture oil, you can have that set looking brand new in no time. It is absolutely amazing just what you can do with naturally faded teak wood. It will come back to a honey tone if you use the right product.

Look for older Teak Patio FurnitureGood Bottle of Teak Oil

All you need is to clean the teak furniture first with soap and water, then let it dry naturally outdoors and then apply the outdoor teak oil with a soft cloth. Be liberal with it and let it soak in, then wipe away the excess with another clean cloth. Depending on how many nooks and crannies your furniture has, you will need to allow at least an afternoon, or maybe you can get some help it will go quicker.

If you check out the picture here, you can see the difference just a bit of patience, a good product and some elbow grease can do. So, look for the older pieces and you can bring it back to life, for much less than buying new. If it has already faded and looks a bit dry, the owner may not ask very much money as they simply want to get rid of it or replace it or don’t want it anymore.

If you can show up at the seller’s house with a truck or van ready to go, then they will make a quick sale right on the spot and you can then dicker with the price and take the pieces right away.

Don’t Let the Silvery Gray Fool You

You can bring the set back to life with a good cleaning and some oiling and it will look good as new. I personally like it when it goes silvery gray, but not everybody does. So, you can get some good deals out there and bring the pieces back to life yourself.

Or Buy Teak Patio Furniture Online for Deep DiscountsTeak Patio Furniture Set

If you decide you don’t want to go looking for a second hand set, but the local garden center wants way too much for their outdoor teak set, then check out online, you can get full dining sets for much less such as this one pictured.

Teak is a great wood for outdoors. It is resilient and bug resistant, so enjoy your outdoor space this year with a nice teak patio set.