Cabochons Wholesale Are Great for Jewelry Business

One jewelry making component that has become popular with designers and jewelry makers are the cabochons. These are now very much in demand in the market so that most crafters always buy their cabochons wholesale from online stores such as the panda hall.

Cabochons can be made from almost any material that you can imagine. Polymer clay, resin, Lucite, crystal, ceramic, plastic, wood, and gemstones are some examples of materials that you can use for your jewelry project. These are produced by expert craftsmen using machines and advance tools, making them applicable to any project that include pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other craft projects like belts, bags and other beaded accessories. Today, cabochons wholesale are available at most jewelry supplies stores online. You can check with panda hall for their wide variety of cabochons for the design that you have in mind.

You can choose from the many shapes, colors and sizes of cabochons wholesale at panda hall. Whether you want them used for bead embroidery, wire-wrapped, encased in a beaded bezel, or used as a focal point of any jewelry piece, these cabochons will certainly add beauty to your beading techniques. You can also use them as accents to your beaded art.

Of all the materials used in making cabochons, the gemstones are perhaps the favorite of jewelry makers and wearers. At panda hall, there are available sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, Citrine, garnet, labradorite, moonstone, topas, and many more. You can buy your cabochons wholesale from this store and save your money. The shapes available are round, triangle, oval, pear, drop. A huge inventory is always kept at the store because of their being always on demand and searched by jewelry enthusiasts.

If you need gemstone cabochons wholesale, buying loose is more advantageous over buying them pre-set. Reasons for doing so can be varied, and among them is price. Loose cabochons are less expensive; and you can view and inspect the stone to make sure that you are paying for a genuine gemstone. If you buy them pre-set, you might not see if there are inclusions, and you might not be able to determine the exact hue. Buying loose cabochons from panda hall also provides you with more choices; it allows you to pick what you like in terms of color, shape, cut and variety.

Gemstone cabochons wholesale are belonging to various stones, so you may find some patterns on their surfaces and even inside. These components, when included as integral part of a jewelry item, can be given as a gift item for any occasion. They can be set into bezels and made into brooches, focal elements, or pendants, or wire-wrapped and sewn with seed beads in a beaded craft. The elements that you will need to complete a cabochons project are also available at panda hall online store.

Since gift giving is not an everyday affair, and you really love creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, it may be a good idea to start a jewelry business. You’ll have to arrange everything, including your jewelry making supplies. It is a smart thing to get your supplies including beads, wires, findings, etc. from an online store like panda hall Purchase them in bulk at wholesale prices. Cabochons wholesale, when bought in bulk, will give you the lowest prices; even much lower than when you buy them on a retail basis.

Finding an online wholesaler such as panda hall is not difficult if you can make a bit of research to learn more about the company and what they have to offer. Researching will also allow you to know if the wholesaler who you want to deal with adopts ethical business practice, has a good refund and return policy and can deliver your ordered cabochons wholesale according to their promise.

Don’t get worried about your business not yet taking off and you are advised to buy cabochons wholesale in bulk. Once you have received your order, you’ll never have issues about running out of supplies. Another great benefit of buying more quantity than you can use is that you will have the supplies ready in case you got an urgent order. Cabochons are always in great demand these days, a reason why panda hall always see to it that they have sufficient stock at the store. However, if your business would fail to take off (which is not likely to happen with proper handling), you can pack your cabochons in small quantities and resell them. You can make a profit here because these items do not depreciate, and you can add a mark up when you sell them.