Cafepress earnings June 2014

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I started submitted my artwork to Cafepress in April of 2014. I am far behind the times when it comes to revenue sharing from Print on Demand(POD) websites. I came across an earning report where someone claimed they were making several thousand dollars a month from Cafepress alone. I figured I would like to give it a try.

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I started out by uploading a couple dozen photographs to the website. I waited a week and did not see any sales and very few views. I then started creating vector images to be uploaded. I am not really talented or very creative when it comes to creating vectors. I created a few simple designs and uploaded them. I started seeing more views and still no sales. I started trying to find a niche that maybe would work out. I created a dozen designs on a niche I came up with. One of the designs started selling like crazy. I sell between 5 and 10 of this item a month. I only make about 35 cents per sell, so I am not breaking the bank but it is certainly a good start.

Unfortunately I have created about 50 designs total and only one has sold. I figure if the sells continue, which I think they should, I will make around 30 to 35 dollars off this one design alone. It is not a seasonal item and the demand for it seems to be high. The niche is not one that will fade away as it is something that a large portion of the world is interested in during all seasons.

Looking back at the actually stats, I have sold this design 23 times and have just over 6 dollars earned. Not bad for a design that took about 10 minutes to create.

My wish is that I came come up with some more designs that sell on an ongoing basis. I would like to add Cafepress as another passive income stream to my list but right now I just cant seem to find a pattern. Designs that I have created that I thought would sell for sure have had very little views and no sells. I have branched out into different niches but none have really come through for me.

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Cafepress earnings June 2014, Seekyt
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