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Listen up Bakers; while you are busy buying supplies from a retailer, you probably don’t realise how much money you could be saving, if you just buy your cake decorating supplies wholesale. I think I speak for everyone, when I say people, they love a great cake! The art of baking can be very enjoyable, but also time consuming and expensive. It is an art that will gain an individual respect, and widespread renown and esteem. Cake decorating supplies can be very pricey, but purchasing your baking supplies wholesale will save you plenty of money and headache! You’ll be able to find low-priced, but high quality supplies: Cake rings, pastry brushes, chocolate and cocoa, cake mixes and more are made available and affordable through wholesale. Also, you will receive more for your money, as wholesale provides a large quantity of supplies accessible for purchase. Even if you are a small bakery, you can still save a lot of money.

What is wholesale?

So what is wholesale you ask? It is the resale of new and used goods to industrial, commercial, retailers, professionals, or to other wholesalers. Most of the time, large companies and businesses will buy their supplies wholesale, but even smaller companies such as local bakeries and shops can buy their supplies wholesale, also. Think of it like this: You are a regular customer who buys products daily from Wal-Mart, aka your local retailer. Well, how do these local retailers receive their supplies? They buy their supplies wholesale. So if you were ever wondering, now you know. The difference between retail and wholesale is quantity, quantity, quantity! Retailers supply their products in low quantities; while wholesale supply their products in larger quantities.

How will wholesale benefit you

Like stated earlier, wholesale will save you a ton of money. While you are limited to a smaller quantity of supplies provided by retail, you will be able to buy so much more from wholesale. Really, wholesale is the logical option for your cake decorating supplies. Also, if you buy wholesale, you’ll have much more to last you longer, which means you won’t have to keep running back to buy more supplies constantly; with retail, you’ll have to go back constantly for more because of the lower amount of supplies they provide.

Where to buy whole sale

Now that you know what whole sale is, you probably want to learn where to find wholesale distributors so you can go out and buy your cake decorating supplies! To save time and energy, it’s probably best that you order online; it’s much faster. There are tons of websites online that offer wholesale purchasing. You can search on any of the online search engines so that you can explore these different sites, and find out exactly what you need for your bakery or shop. These sites contain large and assorted catalogues for you to view. Although Restaurant Depot contains a more expanded arsenal of supplies, it is a great example of a wholesale distributor. Purchase your cake decorating supplies wholesale!

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