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California Bay Leaf Cooking Information

The California Bay Leaf is the local version of the pepper wood plant. Laurel and Oregon myrtle are some other names for this tree. The leaves are long and narrow, much more so than those found on its relatives in other parts of the world. The specimens that are dried and made available for purchase in restaurant supply stores are wider. This herb is quite powerful and has a number of medicinal uses.

Some people think highly of these leaves and cannot cook without them. Their flavor is much stronger than those found in the Mediterranean and some other parts of the globe. Plants that are grown in this area contain more of the volatile oil than those that are cultivated elsewhere. When people mistakenly inhale the scent very deeply, their sinuses sometimes spasm and this may result in pain.

This spice is popular worldwide but many people still avoid is because they are worried about toxins. The concentration of the volatile oil in it is 7.5%. That is much higher than the other varieties that are found across some parts of the world. In order to avoid any side effects, you must utilize it carefully. If you are accustomed to putting a certain quantity of the store bought product in your pot, use less when cooking with this variety.


This natural product goes well with roasted potatoes. Your dinner will taste a whole lot better when you add these. There is not need to use lots of salt or fat when you are cooking in this way. This makes the combination ideal for someone who is hypertensive or on a diet. Simply place leaves in the middle of the potatoes. Slice each tuber in the middle and the flavor will saturate it as it cooks. No extra flavorings are necessary and people who must avoid salt can eat healthy.

People who are not restricted in what they can eat may add more seasonings. Other ingredients, such as olive oil really accentuate the flavor even more. If you can get away with having an extra gram of fat, use coconut oil, olive oil or bacon drippings on the tubers as they roast, along with California Bay Leaves.

Residents of the Hollywood state have lots of different experiences when it comes to cooking. Many have included this in their stews for years and will continue to do so. Some people are not very close to a tree where they can get free leaves, so they only use what they find in the supermarkets. Most residents have positive things to say.

When these leaves are gathered from more mountainous areas, they are a whole lot sweeter. There is really a distinctive difference when it comes to their flavor and that difference is dependent on environmental conditions. Hot parts of CA produce trees with a stronger, harsher flavor.

California Bay Leaves are really potent, so you may need to remove them within a few minutes after adding them to your pot. Pay attention to the dish as you cook to ensure that too much flavor is not going into the meal. This type of seasoning has the tendency to overpower others if it is not used cautiously.

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