Call 211 Crisis Help Hotline

The Call 211 crisis help hotline is a free community service that helps people in crisis situations find local human services agencies that provide essential or emergency services. Residents facing emergencies or crisis situations can call the Call 211 crisis help hotline to get help from a variety of human services agencies, including emergency shelter, groceries from food banks, help paying utilities, or medical or mental healthcare. The United Way spearheaded the nationwide effort to unite local community service agencies to provide emergency services under the Call 211 banner. Call 211 maintains a database of local emergency and human service agencies that it uses to match residents needs to an applicable agency.

The Call 211 crisis help hotline is also referred to as the First Call for Help because it’s the starting point for getting help through this community service. With high unemployment and mortgage foreclosures on the rise, more people than ever need help with essential or emergency services. Unfortunately, finding help in the maze of community services isn’t easy. Call 211 was established to help people assess their needs and to link them directly to resources that offer help with their specific needs. For example if you need help paying your rent or getting heat for your home in the Winter, you may be able to get help through the Call 211 service. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, you can also get help by calling this number. Although the Call 211 crisis help hotline can assist victims of domestic violence, you should call 911 first to get immediate help If you’re experiencing an episode of domestic violence. Call 211 can assist victims of domestic violence find emergency shelter after episodes of domestic violence.

Although the emergency and crisis help are the most used aspects of the Call 211 crisis help hotline, the free community service also offers guidance in a number of different areas such as, unemployment or how to start a small business. It can also guide unemployed people to resources to help them get job training. Financial counseling resources may also be available through the Call 211 community service in your area. Most areas that have Call 211 community service have websites that explain what the service is and how it can help you. The Call 211 crisis help hotline service is available in most areas of the country.